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After passing high school, you must be preparing yourself to get admission to your dream course. But have you prepared yourself for the application procedure? If you plan to get enrolled in an institution, you must have heard about the term “personal statement”. A personal statement is one of the crucial points of the admission procedure where you have to prove yourself as being suitable for getting admission in the applied course.

A personal statement is like an essay in which you must inform the admission tutors about your goals, motivations, and experiences related to the course you have applied for. Keep in mind that your personal statement can break your chance of entering an institute. It may sound like a little exaggeration, but it is certainly true. If your dream is to get enrolled in a specific institution for a specific course, but you could not get it just because your personal statement failed to impress the admission tutors, then it will hurt a lot.

So, be sure you are composing a well-written personal statement that holds the power of impressing the admission tutors. If you are an essay writer, you don’t need to worry much because a personal statement is quite similar to an essay. But if you are doubtful of your writing skills, then it is better to assign your task to a professional writer.

I once hired an online academic writer to write essay for me. Trust me, the writer belonging to trustworthy writing companies provides excellent quality work, so it's safe to contact them. But, if you want to try on your own, refrain from writing a flashy personal statement. Instead, write something decent and authentic.

To impress the admission tutors, the best technique is to start with a catchy introduction. But that does not mean you can add exaggerated stuff. Just stick to the relevant ideas, experiences, and perceptions. To help you write the opening of your personal statement, I have listed below some guidelines that you will surely find useful.

  1. Don’t waste your time thinking of a flashy opening.

    Often when you think too much about something, you end up totally ruining it. So, do not waste your time composing a too catchy or flashy opening for your personal statement. Just keep in mind that you have to sound decent and wise to your readers, so plan accordingly.

    To have a good start, first, gather all the details in your mind. Then, decide what you want to add and what you need to ignore. Finally, just be specific in what you are writing because the details are reserved for the main body of your personal statement.

  2. Provide reasons for selecting the course.

    The first thing you should write about is why you have selected the specific course. This is the most important thing to be written in the opening of your personal statement. In short, sentences, explain to the admission tutors why you are enthusiastic about the course and what aspects of the course interest you the most.

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  3. Show your enthusiasm.

    Besides giving the reason for selecting the course, show some enthusiasm to indicate that you want to take this course. Tell the admission tutors what you already know about the course. Remember, the admission tutors are more interested in knowing how enthusiastic you are about your studies. So, tell them what goals you want to achieve from the course, how this goal fits your future aspirations, and what you want to learn more about the course you have applied for.

    However, if you still think about how I write my paper, read the sample and examples and get ideas from them.

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