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There are numerous types of essays that have different formats and contexts. Sometimes it becomes difficult to differentiate between two seemingly alike essay forms. For instance, narrative essays are commonly confused with the descriptive ones. Basically, the former relates when an essay writer tries to explain the story of any experience.

Narration will be more interesting to the reader when the writers are able to pen down their imagination properly in the context.

To be honest, when telling a story, the storyteller must have the ability to convey and also be able to relate the exact meaning of the story. Penning down a standard narrative essay that can also get you ‘A+’ will comprise a step-by-step process. This guide will be providing you those steps in a simple manner;

  • Choose such topics that you can better relate to your imaginative idea. If your audience is getting bored then you must be killing the essence of conveying your actual idea. You can also check online about the topics about the particular one so that it helps you get an idea about opting for the best one.
  • Try to get such topics that involve some definite story and analysis to be analyzed. This form of essay might comprise a particular issue, concept, or anything. But it must convey some personal experiences that should be included to connect with your title.
  • Such essays mainly have no outside source to be cited. However, sometimes it's good to go for additional research.
  • Always try to put more connectivity between the story and the prompt which your professor has asked. Because if you will be unable to correlate them, it will have a bad impact on your professor and also on the audience. For example, there are some prompts that would be helpful for you in getting an idea;
    • You experienced discrimination and thinking to overcome
    • You got failed many times and now you are thinking to face those failures
    • Some experiences that transformed your personal character or personality
  • Just remember, you are not asked to write a novel or a storybook. You just need to be very specific about plotting your story into words. In short, you must be concise and your context must be fairly put.
  • Make your context as vibrant that your reader must enjoy each sentence of your write-up. Your storytelling must be full of life experiences and the sights and smells you put in must be encouraged with real examples.
  • Always brainstorm your idea before giving it a write-up. It will help you discover the sequence of each event. So your story must be properly placed.
  • Usually, such essays are written in the first-person context, for example ‘I’, ‘me’, etc can be used. Try to be consistent with each coming context.
  • Highlight other important characters in your story other than you. For example, your mother, father, brother, grandmother, friend, etc. For those, you can think of an important role in your life.
  • Figure out the conflicting indicators. Relate yourself with the conflicting character or aspect and start generating a plot twist. Think about how that negative indicator kept you away from the things you wanted.
  • Use compelling formations to build a story so that it would have a positive impact on your professor and also on the reader.
  • After getting done, always give it a birds-eye view. So that nothing could be left untold. Recheck if you have plotted everything that happened exactly in the past. Revise it, and check every precise requirement of the prompt as well as the guidelines about the essay is clearly mentioned.

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