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The students are expected to submit original academic work and use the sources appropriately if some other person’s work is used. However, academic writing involves building on the ideas presented by others. You must integrate these thoughts into the whole assignment. A lack of this skill may result in the submission of papers with unintentional plagiarism, which has serious implications.

When I think of plagiarism, there may be many reasons for it to happen. When I write my paper at the eleventh hour, I may have no option other than to copy and paste the materials for my essay. Even the brightest students may need some reasonable time to complete their assignments.

What is plagiarism?

In simple words, plagiarism occurs when an essay writer claims ownership of another's words or ideas. The presentation of others’ ideas without proper accreditation will also lead to plagiarism. The problem can be resolved by checking the document on various plagiarism checkers. A paper writing service may also help in producing plagiarism-free work for you. Before deciding on such a service, you should see some samples which are free of plagiarism.

One way to avoid plagiarism is to track the sources of various ideas used in your academic writing. Developing an outline before starting the assignment will help you in avoiding plagiarism. This is especially true in the case of a research paper assignment that has a specific structure. Different resources can be used to write down the different sections of a paper. While preparing an outline, a list of these resources can be developed so that they can be properly cited when used. Some quotations may also be used in the assignment, and you should use the appropriate citation to its source. Another important aspect is the use of inverted commas to show that there is a direct quote. There is a little difference between a direct quote and other in-text citations, and you should adhere to this difference.

Another important consideration is to adhere to the specific citation style of the given assignment. This will help you in managing the expectations of your instructors. These instructors play a major role in attaining academic integrity in your work. They should communicate the institution’s policy regarding academic integrity to the students. There should be various internal checks placed by the institution so that plagiarism can be curtailed.

A student will have to face serious consequences for the lack of academic integrity. These may include personal, financial, and institutional consequences depending on the nature of plagiarism. The career of a person may be at stake if plagiarism is detected in some research work. People in an academic career may face similar consequences. In the case of full-time students, the consequences may be more serious for the institution rather than the individual. If a research journal committee catches plagiarism in the content, it will hurt the reputation of the institution. In some extreme situations, the institution can be blacklisted as well.


There are some exceptions to the above discussion. When someone is completing an assignment on mathematics or statistics, there are certain formulae used in the content. These formulae are standardized and are consistently used in the literature. When such a document is checked for plagiarism, it may turn up higher. Similarly, the use of statistical tables from various software may also result in a higher similarity index. When you are writing a technical paper of any field, e.g., accounting, you are forced to use some specific terminology that cannot be replaced. The similarity index will be higher in this case as well. You can simply say to write essay for me and leave all the work to the expert writers.

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