Learn more about the Types of Research Methodologies for Thesis Writing – Guide

What is the most important part of a thesis? The research methodology part can be considered the most important in a thesis. The reason for this selection is that the research methods are applied by the writer and the results are based on it. Other sections like the literature review are written based on past research. In the following lines, we will take a look at the kinds of methodologies that can be used in a thesis or you can ask others to write my paper.


This kind of methodology can be created with the help of an observation or experiment. A model or theory is developed by the researcher so that the relationship between dependent and independent variables is established and tested. The data collection methods are secondary in this case and the internet is mostly used to collect the data. If you are not sure about the sources of your data, a reliable and cheap essay writing service may help you in finding some relevant sources. Successful implementation of this methodology will mean that another researcher can easily replicate the same research under different circumstances.


Several conceptual frameworks are observed in this category. The major purpose of this kind of methodology is to examine the different principles explaining a particular concept. There are different theories related to a particular concept and this methodology generally critiques the principles on which these theories are based. This is also referred to as qualitative research. You should use instruments like interviews and conversations to collect data for the research.

Action Research

This methodology is used in the applied research areas e.g. classrooms or health clinics. The researchers who are practicing in a particular field. This is the most difficult kind of methodology in thesis writing. The major purpose of this methodology is to bring some developmental change in the workplace. Another purpose of this methodology may be to solve some problems within a particular situation. This kind of methodology may consist of several stages. An example of this methodology is where the researcher has set some criteria and the performance of students or coworkers is assessed.

Case Study

This methodology is used to examine a particular issue in detail by using one or more cases. The researcher can investigate a specific characteristic and its development in detail. This methodology is gaining popularity because of its explanatory nature. In health sciences, this methodology is used to assess the cases of unique nature. An essay writer may help you in developing the case study relevant to any particular field. You have to provide all the data to him or her so that an acceptable case study can be developed.


This kind of methodology is adopted when the researcher wants to get insight into a culture or a social process. This methodology is especially acceptable when the perspective of an insider is required on a particular topic or issue. The researcher gets involved in the daily lives of people to notice some particular characteristics. The data collection methods may include interviews, field notes, and conversations.


This research involves the control of variables by the researcher. This methodology suits a laboratory situation where a cause and effect relationship is established between the variables. This methodology also calls for dividing the respondents into several groups where each group is exposed to separate sets of treatments. The researchers can find if the treatment has some effect on the relationship between variables. An example may be the assessment of student learning with or without certain technologies. One group of students may be given the conventional teaching methodology (control group) and the other group will be taught the same topic with the help of computers (the treatment group).

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