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During the academic journey, students may be asked to write essays, so that their expressive skills as an essay writer can be tested. Essays have a lot of functions. Academic essays persuade readers and convince them about a specific idea that is based on evidence. Mostly, academic essays have a core argument and a thesis statement. Essays also serve the purpose of answering a question or providing solutions for some problems. Through a closely related set of evidence and credible facts, an essay discusses a particular subject matter through relevant examples and information.

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If you still have time and you are passionate about giving it a go, the one thing that you need to focus on is research and analysis.

In addition to thorough research and careful analysis, here are some fundamentals of essay writing which students must be aware of while writing an essay or you can ask an essay writing service to do it for you.

-Give yourself enough time: without doing an adequate amount of research, any essay will fail to engage the readers. It is much better to permit too much time than too little because most often there are concepts that require greater effort. This doesn’t mean that you should procrastinate and leave your essay until the last moment. If students want essay help at any point in time, they can inform expert essay writers about their requirements and they will have their academic essays written in no time.

Here are some more fundamentals of essay writing which have to be considered…

-Thoroughly understand the topic or question of the essay which you are required to write: without a thorough understanding of the topic statement, there may be a risk of steering your essay in the wrong direction. It is important that you must identify the gaps in your knowledge and then proceed.

-Work through your reading list: any essay involves a lot of contents and sections for which you’ll be expected to read and scan a lot of stuff. One approach that you can utilize is to make an upside-down pyramid as you gradually shape your literature.

-The use of figurative language, for instance, deploying interesting analogies, can also help to increase the reader’s interest in your essays. Another unique strategy to grab your reader’s attention is to ask rhetorical questions as a way of introducing your topic.

-The development of a strong thesis can readily lure your readers and this will also help you to prove your claims in the paper. Students must reframe the content of their research paper in the light of contemporary economic, social, political, and cultural beliefs and values so that readers can relate to the topic. Also, the development of topic sentences that are meaningful and influential at the start of body paragraphs is also important.

The possible steps which can ease the process for beginner essay writers are as follows:

  • Defining the key terms
  • Analyzing the essay prompt and thinking about the right direction of the essay
  • Researching the topic through scholarly material
  • Reviewing the literature and identifying gaps about the essay which need information
  • Brainstorming and note-taking from the readings
  • Curating an essay plan
  • Organizing the ideas
  • Writing the first draft after including the introduction, body, and conclusion
  • Getting some feedback
  • Making some change
  • Editing the first draft
  • Redrafting the essay
  • Cross-examining the references or citations list and finalizing the main content of the essay
  • Completing the final draft

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