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Case studies are the research method that involves a profound investigation group, event, person, or community. Various sources are used to collect data by employing different methods like interviews and observations. First started in clinical medicine and used for patient's personal history. In contemporary times, a case study is very much used in psychology to examine a particular individual. This research is used to have a retrospective look into the past events in one’s life in view of the present situation.

Moreover, the best example of a case study in psychology was carried out by Sigmund Freud, who employed this method to look into his patient’s lives and helped them recover from the illness. From the use of it, it is best suited to the professional needs of a therapist, psychiatrist, and psychologist. However, as an essay writer, it requires one to just pen down the analysis of the data obtained from a particular case study over a stretch of time.

How are Case Studies Conducted?

Basically, in a case study, the researcher describes the behavior of the person, group, or event. In the case of persons and groups, the data is collected through observations and interviews. The researcher analyzes both the observed data and the data that is told by the client to interpret information and draw conclusions. This may also require the psychologist to acquire information about the individual through random interviews, diaries, blogs, daily routines, and by the persons who live with him/her nearby. You can also consult a reliable essay writing service and they manage all your write my paper requests.

Limitations of case study

  • Firstly, case studies lack scientific vigor and the information is non-generalizable for the wider audience. These are limited to a single individual, group, or event.
  • Secondly, subjectivity in a case study is a big problem. The researcher's bias may influence the case study and its results.
  • Thirdly, case studies are difficult to replicate.
  • Fourthly, as this involves observance of the behavior of the person or event so requires much time, that comes at a cost.
  • Fourth, the volume of the data, coupled with time limitations within the available resources, may impact the depth of analysis.
  • Fifth, since there is no systematic procedure in a case study, there are no methodological guidelines to govern it.
  • Sixth, the possibility of errors

So case studies are limited as compared to other research methods. The non-generalizability of the research makes it narrow in scope. There is no room that the results of a single person, group, or event can be applied to a wider social setting; rather, these results are just limited to the particular case of study. This makes it highly limited in scope. However, it is beneficial to the particular case that society is deprived of its holistic benefits. Additionally, the researcher is the sole interpreter of a large number of data and the interpretation involves just qualitative analysis. There is no statistical justification as such rather; it involves the researcher's subjective interpretation. The researcher’s bias is likely to affect the subject, data collection, and conclusion of the research. Also, ask someone to write my essay if you are overloaded with other tasks.

Furthermore, case studies are time-consuming. Researchers are required to collect data over an extensive stretch of time and the analysis of this data also takes much time. Besides, it also involves the possibility of errors. As it requires reconstruction of memory and slight negligence may lead to errors and wrong conclusions. Human beings often tend to focus on important things subjectively and negligence of small details at the cost of apparently big problems on the researcher’s part may hamper the case study’s overall results.

Lastly, in view of the essays and research methods we have studied so far, a case study appears to be the easiest one because it requires writing down qualitative research results. No stats and graphs etc. so, one would no way feel like availing paper writer service rather scribble down the qualitative data with much ease and comfort.

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