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The thesis statement is important in any type of paper. It is considered as a backbone of a well-structured and well-researched paper. This statement is generally included at the end of the first paragraph of paper and is mostly of one or two sentences. While writing a thesis statement you must summarize the main point of your paper, its purpose, your claim and the main arguments that you will be including in your paper.

For a perfect essay, your thesis statement must also be perfect and strong. It must be able to clearly deliver the message about the scope of your paper’s topic and your approach or insight towards it. If you fail to make a good thesis statement and take a strong position then this may show the lack of focus, arguments and clarity in your paper.

There are different kinds of thesis statements which are explained below with examples. An essay writer may take help from these thesis statement examples to get an idea about how to create a great statement for your paper.

Types of Thesis Statements

The type of thesis statement depends upon the kind of paper you are writing. Most common types of thesis statements are analytical, argumentative and explanatory.

Analytical thesis statement

Analytical essays require an analytical thesis statement. As it can be judged by the name, in an analytical essay you have to analyze a certain topic or issue. While the purpose of an analytical thesis statement is to present the topic that you will be analyzing in your paper, its different aspects and the order in which these aspects will be analyzed. The following example will help you understand better


“The policy to extend the school timing has shown three main benefits; students can learn more, maintain a way of studying that is more in-tune with today’s modern lifestyle, and it relieves the parents from children’s burden.

  • Argumentative thesis statement

    While writing an argumentative essay you have to take a stance or make a claim about a controversial topic. The claim or stance you have to support is the argument you have to present and back it up with evidence. Your argumentative thesis statement allows you to make a claim or take a position on the topic. Your claim must be something that provokes opposition or is refutable


    Segregation of schools on the basis of sex promotes sexism and meagre social skills.

  • Explanatory thesis statement

    An explanatory thesis presents the topic or subject of your paper and the main points which will be discussed to the readers. This thesis statement does not declare a claim or position you have taken on the subject. The main focus is just on factual information. These statements are usually written in research or expository essays. It is also known as an expository thesis statement.


    “Although the promotion of responsible parenthood is the most popular means of tackling the growing number of the global population, investing into healthcare in the developing countries is much more effective in the long term”.

This explanation of the type of thesis statements can surely help in producing a good thesis for your paper but if you still are not confident that you can do it then no need to freak out. There are many professionals you can reach out to online that can help you in this task. Pick any reliable paper writing service and ask them to write a strong thesis statement for you and their professional writers will deliver that to you. If you think that you won’t be able to create a well-organized essay with a good thesis statement then expert academic writers can also write a high-quality essay as per your requirements at very affordable prices.

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