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The long essay is usually one that exceeds 3000 words or three pages. In high schools or college, five to eight pages of essays are normal while in universities teachers may ask for even longer essays. Therefore, additional time and considerations are required to complete long essays. I am here to guide an essay writer on how he can complete the long essay with ease.


A long essay often brings with itself a different requirement that students are generally used to. Sometimes, a teachers' aim to give the long essay is to ask for more research while sometimes they mean to require a greater set of instructions to cover. Whatever the reason, focus on that and then move to the next step.

Besides, students should understand the second requirement, and that is the writing skills test. For instance, a teacher can ask for critical analysis or justification of an argument or pursuing details of the topic. Any of these requirements is beneficial to test your grammar, creativity, and obviously writing skills. Therefore, even before starting an essay, students need to be aware of the aim or expectations of the teacher.

Standard Essay Format

All around the world, students follow a standard essay format that consists of three sections: introduction, body, and conclusion. However, when essays become longer format adds more details like subheadings or sub-sub headings in the body section along with the multiple paragraphs in the introduction and conclusion sections. The main reason for the addition of paragraphs or headings is to make the essay clearer and logical. Consult an essay writer service if you are still confused.

Make a Schedule

You cannot complete your long essay without a proper schedule. This is because a long essay cannot be done in one or two days, and it requires much time and patience. For instance, if you have to write 3500 words then it is recommended to do 500 words each day rather than completing your word count at the last moment. Set a timetable and give plenty of time to research and draft-writing to complete your essay.

Make an Outline and Essay Structure

The next step for a long essay is to make an outline and write your essay with an appropriate structure. Whenever students are taught on how to write an essay, the instructor always stresses on the outline. That is so because outlines help structure the essay a lot easier, and help students focus on one idea at a time. For this, make sure you give proper time to your essay and don’t use mobile or any destructive thing during this time. Or you can also ask someone to write my essay for me.

Second, follow instructions and collect information according to it. Start writing each piece of information that you have collected in bullet points so that you don't miss any while writing. Give a structure to this information and go on to make multiple paragraphs. For each paragraph highlight information or points that you want to discuss in it. Now, you are ready to write your essay slowly and attentively. Also, don’t hesitate to search in between writing if you feel something is missing in the notes.

Cover All Questions within the Word Count

Teachers provide the main question on which students have to focus while writing an essay. You can make sub-questions to make research narrow. However, if you feel that you are unable to complete word count then check rubric.

In the rubric or instructions, the teacher provides several questions on which your grading relies. Consider all these questions and answer them according to the marking criteria. In this way, you can complete your word count along with fulfilling the grading criteria.

Recheck, Recheck, and Recheck

After completing your essay, consider it a rough draft. Read every paragraph and omit unnecessary information. Afterward, add more relevant information to make your essay efficient. Start rechecking again to find out grammar and punctuation mistakes and correct sentence fragments then only give it for final submission.

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