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Right after your graduation, you might have a piece of work done during your degree which is ready to publish.

However, you must evaluate who will benefit from your research prior to publishing it. Once you figure out your targeted audience that may be benefitted, you can easily pick and choose journals for your publication.

Additionally, below are some basic instructions on how you can get your paper published or you can simply ask others to write my paper for me.

Read the Journals: After you have worked out the required journal, visit their webpage, and read through the ‘table of contents’ of their recent issues. This will help you get an idea of what the editor demands from you, and how authors go about their abstracts and titles for their research in the specific journal.

After you have observed what the editor might like, what idea might appeal to him, or what problem question might arouse his interest in your research, examine your own topic. Following that, just ask yourself a question: Would the editor be interested in your topic?

Write a pre-submission: If you are not sure whether or not the editor would be interested, a pre-submission letter will help you in this regard. To the editor of the journal, just write a pre-submission letter that incorporates the following:

· A title

· An abstract

I’d advise you to ask the editor in the letter whether your research fits the requirements of the journal or precisely the audience of the journal.

If the editor’s response is positive, continue with your research.

In fact, you can contact an online essay writer service to write a pre-submission letter for you.

Learn the reasons if the editor says ‘No’: If the editor says ‘No’ give yourself time to analyze the reasons, and then evaluate your work and rectify it as per the journal’s requirement. Even if the editor, in his answer, gives you some suggestions, you must take them seriously, and make proper amendments as per the editor’s suggestions.

Find a problem: Find a problem that carries a lot of impacts. For instance, technology to increase battery life, or early detection of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, etc.

Extensive research: Do a lot of, I mean, an exhaustive and extensive literature survey on the same. Find the state-of-the-art and find potential pitfalls or improvements that can be done.

Analysis: Carry out analysis and find results that significantly improve the present state of the art

For analysis, you can hire a professional and experienced cheapest essay writing service to get your paper analyzed prior to writing a draft. A professional writer would help you rectify your paper before submission.

Notation consistency: Make sure the notation in your paper is a) internally consistent and b) consistent with papers that you cite and in the target journal. For example, scientists generally use the letters “x”, “y”, and “z” to denote the coordinates of a point in space. In some papers, you will review that authors use “theta”, “zeta”, and “omega”.

Give exact titles in your research: Titles are very important! The title should be long enough to tell people what you did, but no longer. Also, the title should be as precise as possible. For example, I reviewed a paper that had the phrase “some physical models” in the title. In the body of the paper, they analyzed “diffusion models” and nothing else. So, replace “some physical” with “diffusion” and you’ve improved the title. Trust the senior author when it comes to titles.

Suitable journal: Find a suitable journal/conference to publish. Now a selection of conferences is important. Go through the scopes of many journals and choose the best one.

Draft your paper: Draft the paper in the form of a manuscript and take suggestions from experts in improving the article (take reviews from them). You can also ask others to write my essay in no time.

Upload manuscript: When the manuscript is ready, upload the same and then hope for the best!

So, that's all folks! I hope the instruction above will guide you through the tortuous journey of publication. Further, you can seek help from online essay writing services in this regard.

All you have to do is place your order to buy essay online at affordable rates.

I hope I get a chance of reading your published paper.

Have Fun!

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