Main Components of a Research Paper - Guide

The research paper is a way to provide an analysis of a topic, or it is an argument on a point. The most important component of a research paper is the idea or the research the writer aims to provide. But a point presented vaguely or without proper flow does not have the same impact that a well-presented point does. To present a research paper that has a great impact on readers, the structure of that paper should be distributed in 10 different sections.

The first thing an essay writer needs to do before even starting a paper is to think of the idea, research, or experiment.

An abstract provide essay writing service, the writer must be aware of the major components of a research paper which are:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology or materials
  • Result
  • Conclusion or discussion
  • Recommendation/future work
  • Acknowledgement
  • References
  1. 1) Title: Title is a very important part of a research paper, not only does it provide readers with the first look of your paper and the subject it is addressing, but a good title can also increase the reach of papers or you can ask others to write my paper.

    For example: “World hunger and Africa” is not a good title, because it is very general, does not let the readers know what to expect from this paper. Whereas “Impact of increasing population on hunger in Africa” is a good title.

  2. 2) Abstract: Abstract is the most important part of a research paper, the whole crux for a reader is in the abstract of a paper. The abstract is a small paragraph of length up to half a page, it contains the topic being addressed in the paper in detail, how the topic was addressed (a summary of methodology) and what results were obtained.
  3. 3) Introduction: Introduction contains in-depth information about what is the problem being addressed.
  4. 4) Literature review: A literature review is a theoretical part that contains the history of the solutions already implemented and tried to solve this issue. There is no length limitation to this part, it is very important to cover all the major and revolutionary solutions already present. The general rule of thumb is not to cover the most general solutions because they are already known to domain audiences.
  5. 5) Methodology: Experiment or methodology, depending upon the nature of the research paper, is the most interesting part of the paper. It explains in detail all the steps performed, the difficulties faced and the alternative solution implemented.
  6. 6) Results: How did the experiment perform? Was it better than previous results and by how much? These questions are answered in this section. Comparative graphs, charts and tables should be implemented if possible. It is important to make sure that the results obtained can be obtained again.
  7. 7) Conclusion: The main idea of the argument is stated in this part of the research paper, based on the evidence collected, the main proposition of the paper is supported. The principal aim of the conclusion is to give the reader an idea of why this research matters to them. The conclusion is not just concise.
  8. 8) Recommendations: Based on the obtained results and observations a statement is made regarding what people should follow when performing studies in the future, it is a note containing specific directions or precautions and measures one can take for future studies.
  9. 9) Acknowledgement: In this part of the research paper, you thank the pervious researchers that worked on these topics in the past hence you mention the past publications and thank them for letting you use their work and carry on the research they started.
  10. 10) References: for all the cited sections of your research paper, you create a list of references that contain the source of a statement that you used in your research paper to support your idea.

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