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No matter what kind of essay you are writing, you always need to cite the sources that you have used in your academic paper. Because an academic paper is incomplete without using authentic research studies, valid articles, and websites. To cite a source, there are multiple formatting guides that you can apply to your paper.

However, you can use the formatting and editing style of your own choice, you have to follow the one that is instructed by your supervisor. In the essay, citing the sources is the most crucial and difficult task that you cannot skip. It is difficult because you have to focus on little details that can either increase or reduce your grades.

Since citing sources is considered the most daunting task among the students, most of them prefer to avail the online paper writer service just to avoid the bibliography part. I was also one of those when I was in high school.

Like every other student, I too hired a professional academic writer, to help me write my paper. Well writing the essay was actually an excuse. I just wanted to get away with the bibliography and in-text citation. If you are a student, who is also scared of the bibliography part, you must go find a professional writer to help you.

But if you are interested in writing on your own, let me tell you that the most common citation style that researchers use is MLA format. Mla format does not contain one citation guide, it has multiple. But the common ones are the 7th and 8th editions. If you are interested in using the 8th edition, stick to it, otherwise, you can lose the task. Sometimes an essay writer often mixes up the characteristics of two editions by believing that the two are the same.

But let me tell you that there is a significant difference between the MLA 7th and 8th editions. Knowing these differences will save you from the deduction of grades.

  • 1. City of publication.

    MLA 7th edition is quite lengthy as compared to the 8th edition. In the 7th edition, a lot of publication information was required to cite the source. However, in the 8th edition, the scenario got completely changed and many things were omitted e.g., the city of publication. In MLA 7th edition, your citation for a book is considered incomplete if you do not mention the city of publication. However, in the 8th edition, you are no longer required to write the city of publication.

  • 2. Name of authors.

    In the MLA 7th edition, as an essay writer, it is compulsory for you to provide the name of all the writers e.g. if you have mentioned a source that is written by four to five writers then to have to cite them all in the bibliography. But in the MLA 8th edition, you just need to provide the full name of the first writer and for the rest, you can use “et al”.

  • 3. URLs

    Not everything has been omitted but a few things have been added in the 8th addition as well. In the 7th edition of the MLA guide, information on URL addresses was omitted because URLs were not considered as the stable way of tracing the sources. But, in the 8th edition URLs have been added again as now there is the increasing availability of persistent DOIs and links.

  • 4. Use of abbreviations.

    The terms that were used to describe the number in MLA 7th edition have been abbreviated in the 8th edition e.g., a page number has been abbreviated as pp, and volume is now written as vol. Besides this many terms have been completely spelled out e.g., in MLA 8th edition you are not required to mention the contributors which include the translator, contributor, etc.

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