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Most of the time when you're given a writing task, it requires research. Students are not expected to know everything about everything and hence assistance from primary and secondary sources is required which we call "research" in general terms. Now, with the advancement in technology, student and essay writer can get information about any topic within a matter of seconds through the internet. However, the main question that stands here is what is the purpose of research-based essay writing. If you are also curious to get an answer then continue reading.

In general terms, a research essay is a piece of writing that is composed through researching information from different sources and then organizing that information in a way that reflects your personal view and understanding of the topic. How to write an essay that is based on research is a common question that pops up in the mind of the individual who is tasked with writing research essays. What they do not know is that there is no rocket science behind it. Most essays are written in the almost same way with a minor change in their nitty-gritty elements.

Purpose of Writing Research Essays

    1. To present factual data about a topic

    Since research essays explore facts and information on a topic from resources and not gather data from the personal evaluation of a topic, therefore they are beneficial in understanding the true facets of something and get an understanding of it that is real and backed with evidence. The help of an expert is much needed when you lack research skills. Unlike other essays, in research essays, you can not just write anything otherwise you’ll compromise its real essence. So look for an expert on the topic who is also a good researcher. I can easily argue that anyone can write my essay for me but no one can research it better than an expert. The point is to get the help of a pro researcher as it will enhance the quality of the essay altogether.

    2. The aim is not entertainment or fun

    Unlike other essays, research essays are not meant to provide entertainment and fun. For instance, different pieces of writing such as autobiography, or compare and contrast essays are personal perspectives on a topic and are not meant to argue with readers on factual grounds. therefore, their purpose can be considered as the delivery of entertainment. However, research essays are solely for increasing the knowledge of the reader and provide a piece of information that he/she never had before.

    One can easily learn how to improve research techniques and become a pro in such essays in no time. Until you get a hang of it, you can avail yourself of an essay writing service from experts online. They will surely make the learning process easy and fast.

    3. To present your extended interpretation of the topic

    These essays are an effective way of telling your argument, viewpoint, or interpretation of a certain topic. They differ from research reports on this ground. As research reports are more about facts and data present on the topic available online, so they are intended to convey only a third-person perspective. In contrast to that, the research essay also includes a first-person perspective on the topic through researched data.

    4. To extend social knowledge

    Research essays broadly cover all topics that are associated with society such as humanity, arts, business, or other social sciences. Therefore, they are intended to add to the knowledge of people living in society. These essays sometimes research information to come up with new theories and ideas to understand and review the process behind a certain thing or social aspect and criticize the existing theories on it.

    5. To make informed decisions or take corrective actions

    Since such essays are intended to extend the knowledge of the readers, so through that knowledge, readers get an opportunity to make informed decisions or take corrective actions based on new theories.

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