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What comes to your mind if you hear the word “descriptive” or “describe”? Many people say that describing a subject is to illustrate it in words. A large number of students think the same. Many students think that writing a descriptive essay is to illustrate the main subject of the essay. But it is not a fact and reality. You can never reach perfection if you think and do it in such a way.

Indeed, descriptive essays are the same as describing something. But there is always something more and crucial. Descriptive essays are essays that assist you to illustrate a subject. But always require you to illustrate in a way that makes sense and grabs readers’ attention. Descriptive essays enable the reader to know or understand the subject of the essay using illustrative language.

Characteristics of a Descriptive Essay

By the main conception, descriptive essays give a platform for the essay writer to articulate their feelings about a subject. In general cases, a descriptive essay usually contains an introduction section, a body section, and a conclusion. But every section/part of the essay is centered on the selected theme.

More about descriptive essays! The writing style of descriptive essays is always expressive based on the nature of the essay. Hence, the writing style may involve opinions, descriptions, views, comparisons, thoughts, and personal as well as sensory perceptions. The key aim of descriptive essays is to relate the unique characteristics of the subject comprehensively as well as vividly.

1. Grabs interest of the reader

As stated earlier, descriptive essays do not only describe the subject. But they make the reader take an interest in what they read. Hence, the first and primary characteristic of descriptive essays is to write an appealing essay. But the matter is how to make your essay appealing. To make the essay appealing, you must consider the preferences of your target audience, maybe your teacher. Also, try to use words, phrases, and descriptions which attract the interests of your reader.

For instance, your descriptive essay is about a vehicle and is written for the target and potential customers. Then it must describe the technical specifications as well as design specifications of the vehicle (i.e. car). But the essay will place higher importance on the aspects which are more in the interest of the customers. These aspects may include engine performance, speed performance and limits, comfort, and other special features.

Based on the above analysis, a key characteristic of a descriptive essay is it catches the interest of the reader or you can ask others to write my essay.

2. Visualization

Professional writers state that no descriptive essay can be considered as good quality work if it lacks visualization. You are never asked to write about or put useless imaginations and fake details about the subject. But you should be a good essay writer when it comes to this point. Because you will show what is real instead of telling you about the subject. This means descriptive essays are always based more on “show” rather than “telling”. Because this type of essay gives the reader a visual idea about the main subject.

With the help of colorful representations and descriptions, you can easily convey your individual impressions to the reader. But the impression must be based on perceptions and emotions about the main subject. If you are still confused, hire a paper writing service now.

3. Sensory Experience

Every level of the descriptive essay makes use of five (5) senses. So, making use of five (5) senses is a key component of all descriptive essays. When writing descriptive essays, you should make the best use of all five (5) senses by using them wherever and as needed.

Make the best use of sensory because these are the sources through which you will convey your personal perception of the subject. Additionally, one can also use figurative details along with sensory details. And this may effectively lead you to perfection while writing your essay.

Sensory details are details that appeal to all five (5) senses. On the other hand, figurative details include the use of metaphors and similes when describing the main subject. Moreover, using sensory details is crucial because it makes the essay more or highly vivacious and vibrant. It also appeals to the imagination of the reader. For instance, graphical explanations of odor would be around “pleasant and unpleasant”. While it enables the reader to experience reek and smells.

4. Subjective versus objective viewpoint

The writing of descriptive essays is highly based on the nature of the subject. As well as on the guidelines and requirements of the essay. Hence, your descriptive essays may either be subjective or objective. Your essay would be subjective if it is based on your personal descriptions and perception. While it would be objective if it is concrete and facts-based.

This kind of essay is largely determined by the feelings and kind of emotion of the writer. The emotions and feelings that the writer (i.e. you) want to draw out from the reader(s). Indeed, expressing a completely objective may be difficult sometimes. On the other hand, you can decrease subjectivity in your essay. You can reduce it by putting factors that are objects such as shape, color, size, and distance as well as other details about the subject. But always make sure that you tire them out before you inject personal feelings and opinions.

You learned about the major characteristics of descriptive essays! Great! But now acknowledge each of them when writing your essay. So, you will succeed in writing a masterpiece.

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