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Do you know that nearly every research paper is incomplete without a literature review?

A literature review is a survey of other articles, journals, or anything that will provide you with more insight regarding your particular topic. Also, it provides you with an overview, findings, analysis, methods, and also the limitations of existing studies.

An effective literature review will provide you with a summary of an existing paper within 7-8 sentences. Some of you might be thinking about how to write a literature review that will cover all the requirements and get appreciated. Well, let’s start with the basics. Writing your literature review will be needing these steps;

  • Searching the relevant literature content
  • Assess the sources
  • Recognize the main idea, findings, methods, and gaps in the literature
  • Sketch out a structured outline
  • Start writing your literature review

Since the literature reviews are supposed to provide the synthesis of the particular research literature that you might have explored, there are certain approaches an essay writer can apply that underpin your eventual research topic.

Types of literature review

  1. 1. A critical review of the literature

    As the name suggests, it systematically explores literature to affirm or contradict a certain claim, a strongly ingrained theory, or a logical question actually contained in the literature.

  2. 2. A narrative review of the literature

    This form of literature analyses and describes the content of the literature. Furthermore, a narrative review presents the conclusions more about the topic and identifies limitations or factual inaccuracies in a particular set of knowledge. You must have a problem statement focused enough to conduct a narrative literature review

  3. 3. A systematic review of the literature

    This type of literature review is descriptive and comprehensive in detail as compared to the other types. There are further two categories in this particular type or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

    • Meta-analysis

      Here the findings are basically derived from various studies on a particular topic. Those studies are therefore evaluated by using acknowledged statistical methods. In this type of review, there are regular patterns and thus conclusions will be derived easily. It is basically a deductive research method.

    • Meta-synthesis

      Here the analysis is usually based on non-statistical methods. The researcher assimilates, assess, and interpret analysis from various qualitative research articles. This approach is usually interpreted through an inductive research method.

  4. 4. An integrative review of literature;

    An analytical approach criticizes and reconstructs knowledge about secondary study topics in a structured manner to establish new perspectives and opinions on the topic. If your research does not involve primary data collection and analysis of results, you would also have the option to use an integrative review of the literature. All you have to do is to ask others to process your write my paper request in no time.

  5. 5. A theoretical review of literature

    It focuses on a selection of theory that has gathered around a problem, concept, hypothesis, phenomena. Theoretical literature reviews play an important role in determining what theories are currently occurring, the connections underpinning them, the level to which the theoretical models have also been analyzed, and also in coming up with new ideas to be properly evaluated.

  6. 6. Historical review of the literature

    Here are just about the situations from the justification of history. Reviews of historical literature concentrate on analyzing research over a span of time, often beginning from the first time the question, theory, concept, phenomenon appears in the literature, then documenting its creation through the scholarships of an institution.

Note: To sump up, you must first determine the type of review of the literature and also provide justifications for your choice in the earlier parts of the literature review chapter. Your selection of a specific form of the literature review will be focused on your study field, research issue, and methodology. And if you need further assistance, feel free to look up a legit essay writing service to fix your literature review up for you.

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