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The worst thing happening at any educational institution is any of its students caught in an academic integrity case. Almost every student knows the consequences of plagiarism, but the most reputable educational institutions have reported the cases. Sometimes an essay writer does have an idea that they are cheating, while some others are simply unaware of the concept of plagiarism. In the following lines, we will take a look at the different types of plagiarism that a student can use and some tips to avoid them.

Copying and pasting

This form of plagiarism can be easily detected. There are many ways to catch this kind of plagiarism in a research paper. There are several tools to detect this kind of plagiarism. When a person is writing down any assignment, he or she should gather the resources before they attempt to write a final draft. The writer should extract some important points from each source and then add them to the assignment. Reading is an important factor in this scenario. When a person reads the content of a source, he or she will understand the theme or important points contained in it. The best way to avoid this kind of plagiarism is to write the content in the own words of the writer.

Collaborating with the classmates

This is another important kind of plagiarism and is less evident than the previous one. The internet is full of relevant materials for any assignment that is handed over to the class. The material can be extracted by all the students using the internet facility. Close collaboration will mean that the content of two or more classmates can exactly be the same. If you are planning to hire an online paper writing service, you’re sure to get a plagiarism-free paper if the service is truly legit. Make sure the model papers are not directly submitted. This kind of plagiarism can be more evident in the case of online courses or mathematical assignments that may have the same formulae. To avoid this kind of plagiarism, you should study together but make the assignments individually.

Using any source and not citing it correctly

Quotation marks and citations are two major ways to accredit other’s work in your assignment. When I plan to write my paper, I revise the major points of the required formatting style. This helps in citing the resources correctly. I also revise how quotations should be used under the different citation styles. Many students do not know that these aspects also account for plagiarism. To avoid this form of plagiarism, you should double-check whether all the sources have been properly cited and included in the reference list. Proofreading can also help you in avoiding this form of plagiarism.

Repeating someone’s idea without citation

This form of plagiarism may not show that someone else’s words are stolen, but it may include the ideas presented by others. Repeating the ideas without citing them is another form of plagiarism. Some sections of the paper may be different, including the introduction and the conclusion, but the source of the idea should be cited. The easiest way to avoid this mistake is to cite the original source of the idea. At the doctoral level, you may have to add something to the existing ideas. Even in that case, citations should be included to credit the original idea. The addition of your own ideas will assure that your assignment is not a copy of the already published ideas. You can simply write essay for me to the writing service and complete your work on time.

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