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The thesis statement is written at the end of the introduction paragraph and used to attract the attention of the audience to encourage them to continue reading. In simple words, a thesis statement is one complete sentence that expresses the writer's position. A thesis statement identifies a topic being discussed and includes all points discussed in the essay.

A thesis statement is included in your essay:

  • To develop and organize your arguments
  • To provide a guide to your audience about an argument
  • To develop a claim about the essay topic and defend it with analysis and logic.

Why Is It So Important?

A thesis statement is the best method to organize your ideas. If you know what you aim to prove, then you can easily make valid points and defend them with logic. One of the main reasons, most of the students struggle with developing a thesis statement is a lack of skills. If you are having difficulty in writing a thesis statement then the best way is to consult a professional essay writer who will develop a good thesis statement for your essay.

Keep in mind! To write a good thesis statement, you should be well informed about the essay topic at hand. Most of the students confuse thesis statements with an introduction. Remember! The thesis statement is used to close the introduction. So when writing an introduction, first hook the attention of readers, introduce the topic, and then state your thesis statement. If you are confused about drafting a thesis statement, get help from an essay writing service now.

Length Requirements

Remember! Your thesis statement should not be too long. This is a concise summary of your essay's main claim. Therefore, it should comprise a single complete sentence. In some conditions, a thesis statement may comprise more than two sentences depending on the length of your essay.

Here are some tips for you to develop a good thesis statement or you can ask others to write my essay.


Work along with your tutors or friend to come up with a list of interesting ideas and choose topics based on them. This will allow you to develop a claim. Narrow down all the essay ideas and develop a concise, catchy, and clear statement.

Formulate a research question

Now come up with a research question that you need to answer. An example of a research question is: What are the major factors that increased the prevalence of depression?

Take a position

Now you need to answer the question which you have formulated. For example, the major factors that increase the prevalence of depression are physical and emotional stress.

Narrow and focus

Remember! A well-written essay should not be filled with general information. The main goal is to prove the main point. Make sure it is reflected in your thesis statement.

Use bold language

Use an active voice to sound more confident. It is important to understand the overall significance value of your thesis. The thesis statement should be interesting and captivate the interest of your readers.

Thesis Statement Examples

Argumentative Essay Thesis Statement

Claim your topic and justify your main point with credible evidence and reason. Decide which thesis type you plan to use. Your essay's main argument can be analysis, opinion, and proposal. Persuade the audience throughout the essay.

Analytical Essay Thesis Statement

In this, you don’t have to add a strong thesis statement, instead, you need to evaluate, interpret, and analyze the different aspects of your topic. The thesis statement should demonstrate the main point of your analysis.

Expository Essay Thesis Statement

For this, the main aim is to discuss and explain the facts of an essay topic.

Compare and Contrast Essay Thesis Statement

In this essay, your main goal should be to review, juxtapose, and compare the two points.

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