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Writing an essay is one of the most common academic writing that every student must have done in their school or college. Have you ever wondered that some students manage to get better grades while others lag behind and end up failing the course? It happens because some of the students follow the proper rules and characteristics of the essay and others just do it without following the proper rules. It may sound boring to you but trust me it makes a huge difference.

Don’t worry if you are not well aware of the rules that should be followed while writing an essay and the mistakes that must be avoided to get good grades. Writing a flawless and error-free Descriptive Essay is not rocket science; you can easily learn the rules and ace your assignment by following them accurately. I will share a list of things that must be avoided while writing an essay and what rules you must follow to write an exceptional essay or you can ask others to write my essay.

Rules of Writing an Essay

  1. Create an Outline

    First of all, you have to create an outline for any kind of essay. It is essential to develop a proper outline to understand the requirements of the essay, to begin with. Most of the students ignore this rule and end up writing a poor essay. This rule is significant in academic writing because developing an outline helps you write an essay without any disruption and you go smoothly from start to the end. Remember, you can always get help from an essay writing service.

  2. Focus on your Subject

    You need to particularly focus on your subject. As a descriptive writer, you have to ensure that you describe things pretty well. You have to revolve around your subject but you have to be descriptive enough to make it look real to the readers. For example, if you have to describe an event you have to mention each and every detail of the place, people, and activities that took place in that event.

  3. Structure of Essay Accurately

    Every essay has its own requirements but almost all have the same structure. So you should follow the structure of the essay to make sure that your ideas do not jumble up into each other. Each paragraph should have information according to the requirements. Some students write an entire essay in one paragraph and you find no clue about where is the introduction part, where are body paragraphs and the conclusion. So to avoid this confusion make sure that you structure your essay properly.

  4. Revise your Essay Before Submission

    Once you are done with your essay just give it a read yourself to find out grammatical and technical mistakes. You can get it to proofread to eliminate the mistakes before submitting to your instructor.

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