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Interest and attention are the two main things that the writer tries to get through his words. Work cannot be recognized by the audience unless writers provide reasons or elements to grab the attention and interest of the audience. You can write a story, essay, or whole book but you are not a good writer if you are unable to add humor or emotions in words.

So, are you facing issues with your words? You want to add humor or make your audience emotionally attached to your work? Well, here you go because we are going to tell you how to write an essay with powerful words, words that can make your readers happy or sad as you want. We have shared key rules for both humor and emotions that you can follow to write a meaningful essay.

Here are the golden rules to mix humor into your essay or you can ask others to write my essay.

The K Rule

This is insane but effective for decades. Many comedians use the K rule to make their audience laugh. There is a belief that the audience laughs harder on K words as they feel such words funnier than other than K words. Writers use words like Cadillac, sucks, duck, and many more. It is scientifically tested that people laugh more on K sound so don't hesitate to use this rule in your essay.

Add Surprise in Old Jokes

Surprise your readers with something new in your words. You can use cliché jokes for this purpose. The best way to surprise the audience is to start with an old joke to make the audience think about how it will end. However, in the end, use your creativity and change that joke to make the audience surprise and laugh. If you want to add more surprising facts, get help from an essay writing service now.

Use True Stories and Anecdotes

The third rule to increase humor in your words is the use of funny anecdotes or stories. Real-life stories are effective to make people happy and laugh as they can easily relate themselves with the storyline. Share funny moments of your life or someone else's experience with some exaggeration to use it as humor.

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Happiness is an emotion that you provide with your words. Just like happiness, you can add different other emotions like anger or sadness in your essay. The following are some more rules to mix emotions in your work.

Don’t Tell Your Scene, Show It

This is the first and most important rule in writing. When you are writing your essay try not to tell the audience what is going on instead develop a proper scenario. It helps the audience to develop imagination from your words and it becomes easier to make them involved and emotional. Create an environment; describe objects, position, and feeling of the subject in your writing.

Tease the audience

This technique is efficient because humans are curious by nature. They feel excited, stressed, or sometimes puzzled when they become unable to know complete detail. Therefore, make the essay clear but create suspense in between. Don't tell the audience everything and keep something hidden for the end. Trust me, the audience will love it and will read the whole essay to know the ending. They become more engaged to end their curiosity and you will get the opportunity to grab their attention the whole time. Don’t forget to give a clue to them so they guess the ending.

Don’t Seek for Audience Happiness and Be Realistic

This is an important point because an essay writer thinks too much about audience feelings. They try to make them happy but it should not be the aim. Try to develop different emotions and don't rely on a happy ending. It means to add elements of horror, death, violence, or sorrow to create emotions other than happiness.

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