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Your courses may require you to write all kinds of essays, reports, and reviews. Working hard and still getting a bad grade has to be one of the worst feelings in college. You obviously would want to work less and get the best possible score. By following the guidelines, you will understand how to balance these two parameters.

Defining Cause and Effect essays

These essays are used to describe a phenomenon, its cause, and the resultant effects. In a cause and effect essay, you have to describe the event that took place to the reader, followed by the reasons and their consequent effects. An essay writer uses this type of essay to either describe an event neutrally, analyze it, or persuade the reader regarding their view.


  • The most common type is to describe one or two causes and their multiple effects, e.g., the causes of the popularity of fast food and the subsequent health effects. You could write that quick service and cheap food are the causes, while obesity, heart failure, and addiction are effects
  • For a broad topic, one cause and its one effect may be described
  • In rare cases, multiple causes may lead to a single effect, e.g., pollution is caused by car exhaust, factory flare, and CFCs, and the resultant effect of these causes is global warming.

How to write cause and effect essays

There are 2 basic ways to structure your final essay. Both alternatives have been mentioned below in order.

  1. The most convenient way
    • Introduction paragraph
    • A paragraph to describe the first cause
    • A paragraph to describe the second cause
    • A paragraph to describe the third cause
    • A paragraph that links the cause and effects
    • A paragraph to describe the first effect
    • A paragraph to describe the second effect
    • A paragraph to describe the third effect
    • Conclusion
  2. The second and not recommended way
    • Introduction paragraph
    • Paragraph to describe the first cause and its effect (first effect)
    • Paragraph to describe the second cause and its effect (second effect)
    • Paragraph to describe the third cause and its effect (third effect)
    • Conclusion

What to write in your essay?

You have to start your essay by writing a rough outline that contains all the headings and a rough idea of what you plan to write. The introduction should contain background information, some history, a definition of terms, a hook to make your audience curious, and finally, a thesis statement that summarizes the upcoming paper. Now think of the causes and the effects that resulted because of the event (or phenomenon). It is highly recommended that you contact an online essay writing service if you are confused. Ask them to write an essay for you or correct your mistakes.

How to arrange your causes and effects

  1. Time

    If you are discussing a past event, e.g., the causes and effects of the second world war, it is recommended that you follow a chronological order.

  2. Negative/Positive

    Another way of arranging your essay is to discuss the positive causes and effects first and then the negative causes and effects.

  3. Importance

    Discuss the major cause and effects first and then move on to secondary causes.

Writing a cause-and-effect essay becomes very easy when you have compiled all your points. You should find all the evidence needed to support your claim before starting your final draft. If you cannot find details of the topic on the internet, instead of wasting time contacting a paper writing service online. Ask them to write a whole essay or just an outline.


You should always start your essay by writing a rough outline. Think of good phrases to hook your audience and spend a lot of time crafting a perfect thesis statement. Always thoroughly proofread your final draft before submitting it. Online services can help with proofreading, writing outlines, writing essays, and format correction. You only say write my essay for me and leave all your writing stress on them.

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