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Most of the students find thesis writing one of the toughest yet professional writing ever. If you think writing a thesis is rocket science then you need to dismiss your belief first and then proceed with reading my instructions. Trust me writing a thesis is not a big deal. Maybe you have had a bad experience because you chose a complicated and wrong topic or maybe because you did not conduct a research well to write it. Writing a thesis is as easy as any other academic writing. You just have to avoid a few mistakes while writing a thesis that makes it more complicated and difficult for you.

Don’t worry if you can not recognize the mistakes you make while writing a thesis because it will help you out identifying the mistakes that you may be making for years without even knowing that you are doing it wrong. So let’s get started!

Common Mistakes Students Make in Thesis Writings

  1. 1. Choice of Topic

    The most frequently made mistake that most students make is that they chose the wrong topic and then they get stuck in the middle of writing a thesis. An essay writer should carefully choose a topic for your thesis. The topic must be open-ended and there must be some existing research related to it to help you collect an idea about what to do next.

  2. 2. Lack of planning

    Secondly what students do is they straight away jump to the introduction of the essay without making a rough plan or an outline. Writing an introduction requires basic research about the topic and its importance but when they often get baffled while writing a thesis statement and mess the entire thesis up. So should plan your essay first by making a rough outline then start writing your thesis.

  3. 3. Lack of research

    Some students do not conduct detailed research about the topic and this is where they lose their marks. You need to conduct research in order to write an informative and detailed thesis. You have to write a literature review of the related existing research on the same problem. So lack of research is one of the most common mistakes that should be avoided in order to write a professional thesis.

  4. 4. Vague Thesis Statement

    Heading towards the most important part of the thesis. The most common and biggest mistake students ever make is to come up with an unclear and vague thesis statement that makes no sense. This is the point where your thesis loses its strength and worth because your thesis statement has to be least complicated, clear, and simple so that readers could have a better idea of the thesis. You need to make sure that the thesis statement is crystal clear. Consult a paper writing service to write a thesis statement for you.

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