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If an essay writer is asked to work on composing a high school or middle school narrative essay. It's a fantastic opportunity to showcase the storytelling skills and demonstrate your insight and understanding of the subject matter.

Going through various examples before drafting your narrative essay will enable you to start effectively. However, you’ll need to communicate your narration with passion and interest if you really want it to work. You can get a good idea through the following narrative essay examples. It is because when you choose a narrative essay topic that isn't really interesting for you, writing a strong narrative essay on it would be challenging. Moreover, you're going to have to push yourself to do so.

Essential Components

  • Always implement your storytelling pattern.
  • You should, therefore, describe the objective of the story you’re likely to perceive in your introduction.
  • Spotlight the plot twist structures in your novel.
  • Bear in mind that everything you write must include accurate and valid material.

Guideline for Beginners

  • Select specific areas that your creative concept can be best linked to. If your reader gets bored, then the entire purpose of narrating gets killed.
  • Writing a successful story from start to finish without any preparation isn't easy. Therefore, you can build a narrative essay draft and afterward refine it until you are satisfied that all the criteria are fulfilled.
  • Now many narratives involve ingredients like an explanation, plot, characters, setting, etc. Make absolutely sure your narrative story includes every one of those components and is published according to all English grammar and proofreading requirements.
  • Don’t exaggerate the details. Else, it will bore the audience.
  • There is no need to show straightly your argument, but you can use an indirect way to convey your arguments. You have to stay neutral.


Topic: Notes of a Native Son by James Baldwin

“My father passed away on the twenty-ninth of July 1943. His final child was born a few hours later, on the very same day. Those days were one of the darkest of the generation with regards to racial tensions in Detroit. Before all this, because all our efforts were focused on preparing for those incidents. A few moments after the burial of my dad, as he laid in peace in the coffin of the invisible man, race violence broke out around Harlem. We followed my dad to the graveyard on the dawn of the second of August, through with a wasteland of shattered glass panels.”

Topic: A verbal wound is as hurting as a physical one.

“Once upon a time, there was a kid who had a bad temper. His dad gave him a backpack of nails and asked him that he should smash a nail on the edge of the fence whenever he lost his nerve. He agreed.

The number of nails was 30 for the first time. However, in the next few weeks, he was able to control his temper and also the quantity of nail minimized slowly.

At last, the day came when he was finally able to control his temper. He was excited to tell his dad about this. His dad then recommended him to start pulling out the nails whenever he will be able to control his nerves. After some days, he was finally able to tell his dad that ‘all nails are gone’.

And then the father took his son to the fence and said, you have done a very great job. But you see the fence will never be the same again. When you say something in a bad temper, they always leave a wound just like the way you are seeing on the fence. No matter how many times you say sorry, it can never be the same ever.”

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