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A quality essay can be written with excellent writing skills. You have to practice a lot to become a professional essay writer. It is a game of words and your words decide whether your essay quality is high or low. You have to check various things like structure, format, grammar, data, and vocabulary. However, one important thing that students ignore is sentence fragmentation.

If you are weak in sentence making or unable to understand how to play with words then this article is for you. Your entire essay depends on the point of how clear your essay is. For example, if I want to write my essay then it should be understandable for every reader who has zero knowledge about the topic rather than for me only. To make this happen, focus on tips mentioned below and follow them to use the correct length of sentence for quality work.

Keep Your Focus on Message

You should be clear about the information that you want to share. The Internet is filled with information but you have to decide which piece of information is most relevant. When you keep your focus on the purpose or reason of the essay, you become able to write with correct sentence length. Make sure each sentence is giving proper meaning to the essay as well as previous sentences. There should be a flow and transition between the sentences. Confusing sentences or wordiness makes essays vague and boring. Therefore, don't get confused and be specifically based on your topic and thesis statement.

Break Sentences

Students often try to explain their points in one go. They make lengthy sentences to keep the whole information in just one sentence. However, this is not the case of a quality essay. The ideal length of the sentence depends on 20 to 25 words in essay writing. Therefore, if your sentence is becoming longer than this and you can break into two to three sentences then just do it. Do not drag your sentence and use breaking techniques so often. It will help to make your sentence length perfect and clear.

Be Concise

If you are unable to understand how to break sentences then focus on the conciseness of the point. Think about how briefly you can explain your point. It will enable you to choose fewer words for maximum detail. Also, readers get bored with wordiness which means by writing concisely you can hold the attention of the readers. Therefore, be concise as much as you can. However, do not write too many short sentences. The main purpose here is to be direct and on point with reasonable sentence length. You can also ask a paper writing service to do it for you.

Don’t Follow Same Rule

There are various genres of essay and each type has its own specification. You cannot incorporate the requirement of one essay into another. Therefore, consider the requirement and demand of the assigned essay. It means you cannot use the same rule or key point of sentence length in all essays.

For example, if you are writing a narrative essay or argumentative essay then you have to add your personal thoughts. In such essays, you can use a short length of sentences and can make more sentences in each paragraph.

However, essay types like research essays depend on facts and information that cannot be modified much. In such cases, you can use long sentences until your point gets cleared.

Additional Tip

To check whether your sentence length is appropriate or not notice the length of all sentences. If there are continuity of long sentences then break them. Similarly, if you notice four to five short sentences back to back then join them. In this manner, you can easily correct the length of the essay sentences.

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