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You may have written many essays in college or school and noticed one strange thing: there are several types of essays. It is true, academics have divided them into different types to ease the students. It allows students to focus on one specific point and discuss it throughout the essay. Remember that you cannot write an essay in general, instead, you need to be specific. Your argument should be well-articulated linked with the topic and thesis statement.

The format of every essay varies and mostly depends on its type though the main parts remain the same as an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. It is the body where the magic happens and you need to follow a certain format. For example, the format of paragraphs in the descriptive essay would be narrative while argumentative in an argumentative essay. It is the basic difference that you need to follow so that you can write an excellent essay.

Organization of body paragraphs

Topic sentence

It is very important for an essay writer to know that writing an essay is not only about writing rather it is more than that. You need to be extra vigilant and to the point, the only way to do that is to start every paragraph with a topic sentence. Students must often forget to write and as a result, lose grades. It is the first sentence of a paragraph where you need to tell the reader what the paragraph is about.

Explain the topic sentence

Your topic sentence should be self-explanatory as this is what a paragraph is about. If it is complex to comprehend then explain it in one to two sentences. It will help you to deliver your essay in an argumentative essay. If you think it is way beyond your abilities then try to contact an academic essay writing service to help you out. I am sure, it would be a lot helpful for you just like it was for me.

Write the evidence

It is the most important part of an argumentative essay where you need to justify your point and why it is important. Evidence will prove the authenticity of your thesis statement that is a direct reflection of your topic. In evidence, you can include quotes by famous personalities, figures, statistics, and common sense examples if possible. Just try to be brief as you may have to add supporting evidence too. Once you have completed this process then you are good to move to the next paragraph by using transition phrases.

Counter arguments

Your paragraphs in an argumentative essay should not be biased so you need to add a counter paragraph. There are two ways first you can negate your every argument in the same paragraph. Second, just write a separate paragraph of counterarguments before writing a conclusion. However, this paragraph would not weaken your original arguments or position rather it will strengthen them. Your reader would be able to understand the topic with a broader perspective. It could be a little difficult to write such a paragraph. The best way to do that is to get a custom essay from the paper writing service exclusively written for you. There are some academic services that provide this facility to their clients across the globe.

General organization

You need to know that every paragraph in your essay has equal importance. So make sure that all are equal in length in terms of words and argument as well. You should adopt a balanced approach in every paragraph so that you can present it eloquently. Once you have written all your paragraphs make sure to review them once so that you can avoid any potential mistakes. Just contact a professional essay writer and say write my essay who would review your essay for you.

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