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Searching for an appropriate yet interesting topic to write your research paper and build an annotated bibliography on it? Looking for annotated bibliography topics does not indicate that you will have to choose a new type of topic for it. Simply put, it implies that you'll have to choose a suitable topic for your research paper and then construct an annotation for it on exactly that topic.

Composing an annotated bibliography is completely different from preparing a bibliography or an abstract of a research paper. Do not confuse it with any of them. The bibliography provides a list of references of all the sources used in a paper in alphabetical order, whereas the abstract is a concise and quick description of the study. The annotated bibliographies contain both sources and a summary of the paper in a unique way.

Before jumping into the topic ideas, I’d like to indulge you in the option of seeking help from experts to build your annotation writing skills. A lot of online essay writing service platforms now provide customized learning opportunities for you. With their help, you can become a pro in your writing tasks in no time.

Now move to the section below to discover some original topic ideas for annotations.

The list of topics below is in no particular order and covers various subjects such as education, sports, social sciences, and others.

  1. Laws to control human trafficking
  2. How is criminal justice contributing towards maintaining social disorder in society?
  3. Is there any relationship between social cohesion and criminal justice?
  4. Should abortion regulation laws be abolished?
  5. Pros and Cons of Human Cloning
  6. Is genetic engineering an ethical practice?
  7. How is cloning an insult to the uniqueness of the human race?
  8. How do children learn to walk?
  9. Is cognitive development related to physical development?
  10. Effect of autistic children on parenthood
  11. How to get help from an essay writer?
  12. Is there any way to eliminate the financial gap among social classes?
  13. Is gender discrimination still an issue?
  14. Impact of social media on our personality development
  15. Challenges faced by women in the corporate world
  16. Has feminism helped women in breaking conventional barriers?
  17. Is feminism a threat to family values and traditions?
  18. Is it fair to keep women away from core sports in the 21st century?
  19. Reasons why paper writing service is ethical
  20. How can beauty brands adopt an ethical way to test their products?
  21. Do teacher's play a better role than parents in a child's nourishment?
  22. In what ways is traditional schooling better than homeschooling?

You can choose to prepare your annotations from the above-mentioned list of original topic ideas. For a better understanding of how to use these topics, an annotated bibliography example is given below. This example will surely help you to understand the concept better.

Somerhalder, A. (2020). Symptoms after Heart Stroke. Medical Standard, 22(9), 10-12.

In this article, the author explores the possible symptoms that patients show after they have a heart stroke. It was found that malnutrition and dehydration are the most common symptoms. This claim is proved through a study conducted on 48 patients who were closely observed for 48 hours after having a stroke.

With this example, you'd now know what to include in your annotations. Besides summarizing the source, as mentioned in the example, also develop a connection of the source with your study. When I used to write my essay, I'd prepare the content for annotated bibliography along with it. It saved me the trouble of going through all of these sources again after the completion of the essay.

Hopefully, you’ll find the above guide helpful, and you’ll choose to write a paper on the suggested topics.

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