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Essay writing is an art. I reached this conclusion after going through a tiring journey of academia in which I came to know that there is more variety of essays rather than the dresses that I can find in a mall. A few days back, I had to write an outline for my classification essay but it took me three days struggling with the choice of topic and gathering data.

I realized that making an outline is one of the toughest jobs because an essay proceeds with the pattern of an outline. The students out there struggle a lot in making an effective classification essay outline, so to help them I have come up with some quick steps that can help them to make an essay outline. Before beginning with the steps, please make sure you have decided on the topic or the class for which you are going to write an essay. After choosing the topic, an essay writer has to follow five major steps.

Step 1 Introduction

In this step, you are required to introduce the topic or the class for which you are writing. Let us suppose you are going to write about the "negative impact of social media”. You only have to define social media and what are the key points that have behooved others to think about the negative aspect of social media. For an outline, 5-6 bullet points will be enough, along with the thesis statement. You can ask an essay writer service to write a perfect intro for your essay.

Step 2 Discussion

In this step, you are required to discuss the topic. For a good outline, you should stick to number 3. Good discussion section comprises 3 paragraphs, and an excellent essay comprises five sections. In simple words, your discussion should be divided into three different paragraphs. You have to collect ideas beforehand in chronological order. This sequence will make the flow of your essay more academic and appealing.

Step 3 Paragraph 1

The first paragraph of the introduction will discuss 3 major points. These points should be related to the historical aspects. The purpose of introducing historical ideas is that the discussion section should appear like a journey from start to end within itself. Thus, taking an example of the impact of social media, you can discuss lack of knowledge, lack of awareness, and privacy issues as significant negative aspects. You can also ask others to write my essay for me now.

Step 4 Paragraph 2

In the second paragraph, you are required to discuss the central issues that you think will make up the body of the essay. Here, you can include current issues that appear to be a negative paradigm. Please make sure to include three different yet parallel ideas. Here, parallel means, dealing with the same context but having different outcomes.

Step 5 Paragraph 3

In the third paragraph of your classification essay outline, state three other negative aspects that are significant to be considered. These three points should be future concerning because an essay should have statements leading from past to future, discussing the class that you have already defined. For instance, in this paragraph, you can write about future issues and complications that using social media can b

Step 6 Conclusion

Coming to the winding-up phase of the task, the last part of your outline will be a conclusion section. In this section, you will summarize all the points that you have discussed earlier. Make sure to curtail the sentences and ideas in such a way that the conclusion can be summed up in 4-5 lines.

Following all these steps you will have an outline prepared. Such an outline will not only follow the academic pattern of essay writing but it will also fulfill all the grading elements of a good outline.

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