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Writing argumentative essays? I would say that you have your work cut out for you!

Not that I am saying that you won’t be able to write one. Of course not!

Just that you need to know what you have signed yourself up for before you start writing. If I were to write my essay, I would want to know all there is to know. You see, this essay has many parts in it and I will tell you all about them so that you don’t miss a thing.

So, here are the parts of such an essay.

Part I: Introduction

What goes in an introduction, you wonder?

The Hook

This would be the first statement of your essay. It needs to be great and catchy.

It is the statement that an essay writer will use to attract his readers to his argument. So, try using stats or a fact that is surprising.

Grab the attention of your readers by any means necessary.


Here, you basically give the information that you think the reader must know.

If you are making an argument about a book of fiction, you summarize the events, so your reader knows what you are talking about.

Just provide background so that your reader is not confused about the topic.


This is the last sentence of your introduction. Here you will tell your readers what you are arguing about.

So, if you think that marijuana should be legalized, you mention it here and the reasons for its legalization.

Basically, tell the reader what your argument is.

Part II: Body

This is where the bulk of your essay will go. It includes:

Three (or more) Paragraphs

This part will have at least three paragraphs that will explain why you think marijuana should be legalized.

You will explain one reason in one paragraph and the second reason in the next one.

Do not put all the reasons in one paragraph alone.

Topic Sentences

The first sentence of your body paragraph. This sentence explains what the paragraph will be about. So, it’s like a summary of the paragraph.

But it’s still only one sentence. And all body paragraphs must have this.


You can’t just state your point of view and expect the readers to accept it. In an argumentative essay, you need to prove your point, which means you will have to provide evidence. Plenty of it.

So, use that in your paragraphs.

Opposing Point of View (optional)

Sometimes, you will be asked to include the perspective of the opposing side.

There you will write about why others think marijuana should not be legalized. Then refute those arguments.

If you are confused about writing the main body, consult an essay writing service now.

Part III: Conclusion

This would be the final paragraph of the essay. It’s got:


Yes, again. Here you will state your thesis all over again. A conclusion is just a summary, so you will restate your thesis but in different words.

You will mention your perspective.

No need to mention the background or context.


As I mentioned, the conclusion is a summary, which will have to summarize your whole paper in a few short sentences.

The trick is to just mention your point of view and not get into the details.

You have already mentioned the details, so just mention your main points briefly and move on.


Finally! In the end, you will include a statement about your topic that will serve as an ending.

Mention how things can be improved or any action that must be taken to improve things.

Just mention your final thought and end it.

Now, I must end my article. But if you need even a little bit of help, there are paper writing service websites online that will write you a custom essay and let you know how it is all done. Once you analyze those essays, you will find that writing one yourself is not that hard after all.

Good luck!

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