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An argumentative essay is the most common form of academic writing. The essay writer needs to provide an argument about the topic. This argument is then supported through several supporting arguments and pieces of evidence from reported and authentic sources.

The main argument of the argumentative essay is presented as the last one or two sentences of the introductory paragraph. This argument is called the thesis statement. All of the content provided in the essay depends upon this statement and must strengthen it.

The quality of an argumentative essay depends upon how good the thesis statement is. A week, the debatable and unassertive thesis statement does not fulfill the basic purpose of the argumentative essay. This is where the writer captures the attention of audiences. Therefore, even those seeking help from a paper writing service while writing an argumentative essay must first get help in understanding and writing an effective and strong thesis statement.

The argument

The argument is the stand of the writer on the topic of the essay. It is by no means the summary or description of the topic. Instead, the author clearly states his viewpoint regarding the topic in his argument and convinces the reader to believe his argument.

For instance, if you are writing about how social media has impacted the mental health of youth, consider the following two sentences:

  1. “The excessive use of social media by the youth has negatively impacted their mental health.”
  2. ”In this essay, I will explore the effects of social media usage on the mental health of young people.”

The first sentence above is an argument, whereas the second is just a descriptive sentence.

Thesis statement

The thesis statement includes the argument, a basic description, and points you will use to validate your argument. For example, a thesis statement on the argument stated above may be written as:

“The excessive use of social media by the youth has negatively impacted their mental health as more young people are now suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress due to social media-induced behaviors like self-isolation, fear of missing out (FOMO), unrealistic expectations and standards, and inferiority complexes arising from too many comparisons.”

The first part of the statement is the argument itself. The next part is why you believe so, and the third part is how you will prove your argument. Your “ write my paper’ writer should also follow the same structure of the thesis statement.

Strategies to write an outstanding thesis statement

Owing to the significance of the thesis statement, the essay writer must follow some strategies given below to make an effective thesis statement. This will not only help writing a thesis statement but will also improve the quality of the essay.

Pre-writing strategies

Get to know the topic: Select a broader and worth researching topic. Gather all the necessary information about the topic

Limit the topic: Select a specific area of your topic that you find interesting after rigorous research.

Brainstorm: Gather necessary ideas and proofs related to the specified area within your research topic.

Outlining: Here is when you decide what you are going to argue about in your essay. First, jot down all the necessary points found out during brainstorming. Then, build a basic structure of your thesis statement using these points.

Writing strategies

An assertive thesis statement

The thesis statement must be as assertive as possible. A nonassertive statement can never persuade a reader. Rather the audience would believe that the writer does not have enough confidence in his argument.

A debatable thesis statement

Don’t develop your argument on something that is not debatable or accepted as a fact by all. There is nothing to persuade about in an undebatable statement. The skill in argumentative essay writing lies in how successfully the writer persuades the readers about a highly debatable statement.

A narrow thesis statement

An argument on an excessively broader topic can never impress the readers. On the other hand, the narrower the topic is, the more effective the thesis statement will be.

This guide has provided you with all the necessary guidance required to write a strong thesis statement. You can further take assistance from a “ write essay for me” service.

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