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Personal Statement

A brief explanation of a personal statement that needs attention or improvement is called a personal statement. It is a small and clear description of the issue which is being researched. It provides the direction to the team which is improving quality, to set out the best expression for their motive. For instance, the theory-practice gap in nursing students is a huge problem in nursing education for many years. This is a personal statement for the issue faced by nurses in the nursing field. The contradiction between theoretical learning during the educational period, and practical work in clinical settings.

The personal statement of a research plan is a vital step when an essay writer is completing your doctoral or Master's degree dissertation. The personal statement offers you to concisely and elaborate on the intent of your study so that readers can anticipate the knowledge they will gain from your research.

A qualitative personal statement involves the capturing of behavioral complexity that happens in a natural environment while the purpose of a quantitative personal statement is to gather information in the form of numeric data. An effective and capturing personal statement should be written in about 100 words or you can ask others to write my essay.

8 Things to Remember

  1. Identify the gap or an issue in your existing setting
  2. Demonstrate the need for the research on this topic
  3. Be realistic in gathering the information regarding budget constraints, data, and timeframe
  4. Answer the questions "so what" to highlight the significance of your research
  5. Having a strong ethical basis for the solutions and interventions presented in the personal statement is important
  6. The statement should be based on facts, concepts, and theoretical framework
  7. Attention seeking words written in a concise and clear way
  8. Be free of unnecessary sweeping and jargon statements

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Remember three things while writing your statement

  1. What does it affect?
  2. How does it affect?
  3. Who does it affect?

Readers of your paper should be able to say "Yahoo! Now I know how to write a personal statement"

Personal Statement Examples

“Evaluation and Development of information booklet on the practice and knowledge regarding anticipation of foot ulcers in patients with diabetes mellitus and cardiac issues in a selected hospital in the United States”.

“Efficacy of planned methods of teaching in patients undergoing grafting surgery of coronary artery bypass related to phases of cardiac rehabilitation in a given hospital”.

Consideration of the distinction between symptoms of an issue and the genuine issue is essential before writing a personal statement. Symptoms just point out the fact that there may be a problem. Symptoms are not a problem but a signal towards the problem. For example, nurses experience a great amount of difficulty during clinical practices due to a lack of experience or knowledge of practical work. This statement shows that there may be some problems with this. So, the symptom is not itself a problem but is a product of a problem. Hence, it does not indicate the main problem. A gap in the anticipated and present state of a phenomenon is called a perceived problem.

Lettering a Statement

While writing a personal statement some measures must be taken. The personal statement must be short, precise, and clear. Short or small but must be enriched with essential information. During the writing of personal statements, answers to some questions must be mentioned.

  1. A short but clear description of a problem. “Gap between theory and practice in nursing practice”.
  2. Who is it affecting? “Nurses, as well as patients, are affected due to this gap”.
  3. What are the impacts of a problem? “Nurses feel pressure, and stress and cannot perform well”.
  4. Time of problem. “At the time of clinical practice”.
  5. What measures should be taken? “Theoretical knowledge must be associated with practical work at clinical settings”.
  6. Who suffers most? “Patients suffer most due to this. They do not get proper care which they need”.

The team which is responsible for the improvement of quality brainstorm and answer the questions, and write keywords also. The first draft will describe the main problem utilizing earlier information that is gathered.

Another example of a personal statement is:

The theory-practice gap in the nursing profession is due to the difference between theoretical and practical knowledge, and it is a cause of frustration, and stress in nurses. Patients suffer because of this detachment with work in nurses.

Completing a Personal Statement

The most important tip to write a personal statement is looking for personal only, rather than looking for solutions. Never deviate to other matters, and focus only on a single problem or issue. Do not prolong the statement and maintain it to fewer sentences, preferably one or two. Make sure to make a distinction between personal and symptom. The main theme of the personal statement is to keep it strong as well as short, and exact.

After writing your statement revise it according to this criterion

  1. What is the issue
  2. Where does it exist
  3. Who will be benefited
  4. Focused on one issue
  5. One to two sentence long
  6. Does not have a solution

Your statement should be devoid of assumptions and it should be unambiguous. It must be clear and concise. It must reflect the purpose of your research. The personal statement should highlight the importance of the problem in your setting and why the solution is essential for this problem. The personal statement will enable your group to emphasize one issue and it offers the foundation for you to start work towards the solutions or interventions that truly fit. If you need any further help, consult an essay writing service now.

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