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Writing an essay is not as easy as you may think as you have to go through a rigorous process of research and organization of data. Academics have divided essays into different types and persuasive essays are one of them. As its name indicates, in this essay you have to persuade your reader about your point that is appealing and valid. To persuade your audience you can use your ideas, emotions, opinions, and research. It is important to note that this type is slightly different from other types and you have to follow certain techniques.

Every essay has a proper sequence to follow and this type does not stand alone. You should be careful while developing your persuasive essay outline because it is the most important part of your essay. Your outline would decide what is the direction of your essay and how many important points you have discussed in your essay. You can divide your outline chapter wise or in a sequence with essay headings. For your ease, you can write all headings used in the essay as your outline as it would give the reader a rough idea about your essay.

The more authentic method is to make proper pointers concept-wise which you have mentioned in your essay. For the reader's attention, you can also use proper concepts following the theoretical approach if it applies to your essay type. In other words, you can say that outline is the backbone of your essay; without it, your essay would be a boat without a rudder. So if you are drafting an outline then be careful what you write in it. At the same time, it can guarantee you good grades or failing a subject altogether.

For your practice, I am writing down an outline template for a persuasive essay. I am sure an essay writer can follow it while writing his college essay. Without further ado here is an outline template you can follow:

Essay Outline


  • Grab the reader’s attention with a hook meaning with a description, question, scenario, or quote. Make sure that it has some sort of attachment to your topic.
    • The thesis statement is an important part of your introduction and essay in which you simply state your position about the topic or issue which you have selected. (It should be in one sentence, but if the essay is long it can have two sentences too)

Essay Body

  • Your essay body should consist of a minimum of three paragraphs with proper arguments and supporting facts.
    • Paragraph one: It would include your three arguments which will support your position or thesis statement. Try to write each argument within 1-3 sentences.
    • Paragraph two: In this paragraph, you would explain your first argument with specific examples. You have to convince the reader that your arguments or knowledge is appealing so choose your words wisely. At the end of the paragraph do not forget to include transition sentences.
    • Paragraph three: Write your second argument from paragraph one and support it with example. For example, you will argue that the shortage of drugs in America has risen its prices but you must support facts too. Remember you have to persuade your reader one way or another. It is your prime objective to make sure that you follow this sequence throughout the essay. If you have done research about it and have authentic statistics you can include them as well. Here comes the transition sentence.
    • Paragraph four: Pick your argument number third from the first paragraph and explain it a little more, support it with examples and end this paragraph on transition sentence.


  • In the last paragraph, you would reinstate your thesis statement with concluding remarks. But be careful as you cannot use the same working try to conclude your arguments in different words. Your closing sentence must relate with your opening hook so that the reader can make a connection among all your arguments.

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