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In college, a lot of courses will require you to write lengthy essays. The professor will make deductions in your grade if you make basic mistakes. You should have a strong knowledge of the topic and represent it in any appreciable way. Follow the guidelines to understand how to write effective persuasive essays.

What is persuasive writing?

Persuasive writing rules are simple: simply make a claim on a topic and provide evidence. Your evidence needs to be credible, so use scholarly sources like books and research articles from Google Scholar. An essay writer should show a deep understanding of the topic so that the opponents cannot claim that you are biased. Your essay should convince a neutral audience as well as the opposing viewers that your stance is strong and better.

How to write your persuasive essays

Begin by choosing your topic, your stance, and then prepare an outline. In the introduction, give a brief description of your topic and end with a perfectly crafted thesis statement. You can take help from an online essay writing service if you face any difficulty. Expand your thesis statement in the coming body paragraphs by highlighting the key points using credible evidence. Finally, conclude your essay by summarizing your paper.

The Don’ts of persuasive writing

  1. Don’t be too harsh

    You may believe that by belittling the counterarguments, your essay becomes stronger but that is not true. In fact, it is wise if you keep your tone positive and encouraging. Don't use offensive words such as: pathetic, awful, weird, and laughable when talking about the counter view. Your thesis statement should make the reader curious instead of angry, so be careful with your word choice.

  2. Don't mention multiple points in the body paragraph

    When explaining your stance, you have to form body paragraphs for each claim. You should only mention one reason for your support. You should then provide evidence and examples to support that one claim. Writing haphazardly with all the points mixed will only confuse the reader

  3. Don’t submit your paper immediately

    You need to analyze your essay for formatting mistakes. Read the instructions provided by the instructor carefully. Check if you’ve cited all your evidence in the required format. Correct any place where you may have used first-person pronouns such as "I think". Finally, run your paper through reliable plagiarism detection software.

The Do’s of persuasive writing

  1. Do provide evidence

    You cannot persuade anyone based on your opinion alone. Therefore, your body paragraphs should contain evidence for each claim that you make. It is better to provide multiple sets of evidence for a single claim to enhance credibility. In addition, examples and opinions of experts can further improve your chances of persuasion.

  2. Do provide counterarguments

    In the essay, you should include the stance of the opposition. You can then provide a rebuttal to the claim using credible sources. Counter-arguments show that you have done your study thoroughly and are unbiased. You can also discuss the objections that your claim will get and then refute them too.

  3. Proofread

    After you are done with your essay, check it for grammatical errors using online software. After that, manually read your paper and check for errors in sentence structure and format. You are probably wondering if there are essay writers who can write an essay for you. Like many students, I faced issues with writing essays, so many times, I had to ask someone to write my essay for me or even proofread it for me. If you’re worried that your writing or proofreading skills aren’t great then, search the internet for services that will correct all your errors, check if your thesis statement is good enough, and even write your whole final paper.


A persuasive essay is easy to write once you know what to do and what to avoid. There should be no grammatical, structural, and format-related errors. If there is too little time and a lot of work, you can ask an online paper writing service to write the whole essay for you. Make sure to check it carefully before submission.

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