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A persuasive speech persuades your audience to accept a certain viewpoint, fact, or opinion. Have you and your friends ever had a debate on some hot issues? While debating, have you ever tried to convince your friends to agree with you on a particular point? This is one place where you need to be persuasive in your speech. In a formal speech, you have to convince your audience that a particular issue is important and convince them to accept your viewpoint.

The content and subject matter demonstrate what type of persuasive speech it is. There are three types of persuasive speeches: policy, value, and factual persuasive speech. Now let’s explore some basic tips that will help a custom essay writer to write an excellent persuasive speech.

Choose a Topic

Remember! you are trying to convince your audience to believe something. If you have an option to choose a topic, select one that appeals to you as this will create a strong defense. It is important to know about your topic as much as you can. Spend some time reading articles and books on your topic. Make sure that you use reliable sources such as articles, academic books, or news organizations.

Know your audience

If you want to persuade your audience to agree with you, analyze your audience. Use the format and material that is most likely to convince them. For example, if you are addressing a problem that your audience had little knowledge then you might want to use Monroe’s Motivated Sequence or problem-solution format. On the other hand, if your audience is already familiar with the topic, then you can use Refutational Pattern.

Create Well-Structured Arguments

There are no specific rules of writing speech but it is important to avoid awkward construction of sentences that can cause speakers to stumble. You may have the best arguments but if you do not know how to present then it may not be helpful. To convince your audience, you need well-prepared arguments.

What is the argument? An argument is a reasoned, well- structured, and logically correct opinion. If you fail to organize your argument and speech properly such as “I have heard….” or “I think so…” then no one will believe you. But if your argument has a good basis of reasons then it will create a positive impact on your audience.

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Hook the attention of readers

Keep in mind! You should present your audience with a declarative statement that expresses clearly your audience's point of view. Starting with research, facts or any other evidence will immediately provide your reader with a clue of what this speech will be about. You need to make your audience feel that you respect their opinions.


It is important to build credibility early in the introduction of your speech. The introductory paragraph of your speech needs to be strongest as here you will present your recommendation and argument including a thesis statement. Use transition words to link paragraphs.

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Choose the correct persuasive approach

Depending on your audience and topic, there are different ways you may use to persuade people of your point of view. Since the time of Ancient Greece, most of the speakers relied on three approaches of persuasion: Pathos; Ethos, and Logos. You can rely on anyone's approach or some combination.

Once you have selected the best persuasive method, brainstorm all the important points that you will make during the time of speech. As a rule of thumb, it is good to have three to four supporting points. Before you start persuading your audience, it is important to start a speech in such a way that it will make your audience pay attention to. Use some attention-grabbing statements to get the attention of your audience.

The main body of your persuasive speech must contain all points that are present in an outline. This will provide your audience with various convincing reasons to support your viewpoint. After that logically arrange all these points. Use some real-life examples or experiences that the audience can relate to. The conclusion of your speech should contain all the important points. Don’t only restate everything stated above but try to sum everything that supports your call to action.

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