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Writing a persuasive speech could provide you a lot of opportunities and learn how to incorporate compelling arguments. At first, you might find it difficult but after some practice, it would be a piece of cake if you follow the right approach advised by the academics. Speech writing is directly associated with essay writing as both follow the same code of conduct. You have been learning the art of essay writing since middle school in the form of story writing.

However, it is easier than writing an essay as you need to follow proper structure while the sequence of arguments varies depending upon its type. When it comes to writing a persuasive speech you need to convince your audience no matter what. In this case, you should arrange arguments that seem necessary or compelling. Remember that the purpose of this is to persuade so follow all the relevant techniques. I am writing some ideas that you can follow to impress your audience. You can follow one of these or make your own depending upon these ideas.

Persuasive Speech Writing Ideas to Impress your Audience

  • Appropriate age to use social media for children
  • Schools should teach children about the ethical boundaries of social media
  • Should children under twelve years have cell phones?
  • A reasonable punishment for cyberbullying
  • Long-distance relationship vs. online friendship
  • Negative effects of friendship on family life
  • Effects of cancer culture on normal people
  • Role of selfies to increase self-centeredness or self-confidence
  • Why should students get help from the paper writing service?
  • Deep space exploration: A wastage of prestigious resources
  • Why should governments spend budgets on eradicating poverty?
  • How much screen time is too much for children?
  • How should children be encouraged to play outside?
  • Merits and demerits of self-driving cars
  • Should there be a limitation on military innovation?
  • Why should voting be mandatory instead of optional?
  • How should younger generations be encouraged to vote?
  • Prisoners should have voting rights: Why and why not?
  • How to encourage countries to provide free healthcare?
  • How is the consumption of fast food-related to obesity in America?
  • Rising population and use of genetically modified foods
  • The most appropriate way to feed humanity in 2050
  • Positive sides of hiring an essay writer.
  • 3D printing and generation of human organs
  • Open international borders: A perspective
  • How did the League of Nations fail to stop the Second World War?

Approaches to choose a good persuasive speech

You should know that the relevance of the topic is very important. Without it, you might not achieve your intended purpose.


Choose a topic that is generally familiar and easy to prepare so that you do not get stuck during your research. Can someone write my essay online cheaply? Yes, a professional writer at any writing website can offer you an essay that is cheap.


It is very important for your persuasive speech as you would need to spend hours in research. If you select an irrelevant topic then you would eventually lose interest. In such a case you would not be able to achieve the intended purpose.


Your audience must be intrigued by your speech so you should choose a topic that they can visualize. It would ultimately help them to get persuasion. If I were you would prefer to hire an academic writer from the essay writing service simply ask him to write my essay instead of writing myself.

Do not overdone

The repetition of specific words is very important in a persuasive speech but if it is overdone then you would not achieve your intended purpose. Just limit yourself and do not overdone with specific words or phrases so that the audience does not lose interest.

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