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Well, it is that time that an essay writer is about to describe something in detail for your next test or assignment. Life would be simpler if teachers just mention what they want you to write. Right? Not exactly as the freedom to choose your own topic is indeed a blessing. Take a look at some descriptive essay prompts for your selection or you can ask others to write my paper at affordable rates.


  1. Elaborate on your oldest memory and how it is significant to date
  2. The best type of friend
  3. Explain the most adventurous time you have had
  4. The most challenging situation you had to overcome
  5. The life with family and how it molded you
  6. Describe one aspect of your personality you consider unique
  7. The worst loss you had to face
  8. The pain of heartbreak in words and how you coped with it
  9. Your most amazing pet
  10. Influence of an elder sibling
  11. A trip to a sports stadium watching a live match
  12. Watching your favourite movie in the cinema hall.
  13. How an unexpected event shaped your life?
  14. The most exciting moment of your life
  15. The worst moment of your life
  16. Why do people admire you?
  17. Your favorite hobby
  18. The most memorable concert you went to
  19. Describe the feeling of meeting your idol.
  20. The first time you stood on stage to express something
  21. The most influential personality in your life
  22. The most competitive scenario and how you came out.
  23. A visit to the doctor for the first time
  24. A journey of a lifetime
  25. How do you connect with people?
  26. The aspects of your career that you love
  27. A relic that you discovered
  28. An item you are most attached to and why
  29. Going to a new academic institution
  30. Changes after getting promoted
  31. Describe a new innovation to older people
  32. What ideas do you believe could change the world?
  33. How helping others lead to a reward?
  34. A part of yourself you would like to be remembered.
  35. An item worthy to be passed down generations
  36. How your pet helped you through life?
  37. The advice that you always remember and how did it reach you
  38. Steps you would personally take to make the world an ideal place to live

Well, the above prompts would give you much to think and even if you want, these can be molded to fit your situation even better. Descriptive essay examples serve to give you a direction. You could look beyond them to find new material. You could also provide the details to the expert essay writers and see how they craft the perfect essay for you. Whatever the case might be, you must have full command over the specifics attached to the essay so you could utilize them in real life.


  • Plan carefully before you begin to write as it would help to develop a proper rhythm. As you can see, some prompts might require you to be chronological and you definitely do not want to miss something essential. So, plan first and develop an outline. In case you are confused, consult an essay writing service now.
  • Make the readers feel the things and show them what you are describing. The vocabulary should be top-notch in order to give the right sensations. Improper words would lose the whole essence of the essay.
  • Do not sugar coat things. Try to explain things as real as possible without tampering with the facts. You want others to feel exactly how you did therefore, coherence is the key. You can use simile and metaphors to bring about the feeling of reality for the readers.

Following the rules with the right topics would help you get a great advantage over descriptive writing, not only would it be suitable for the readers but also the one person you would be looking to please. That is your teacher.

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