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Expository essays are bound to be included in a curriculum one time or another. It gives a chance to the readers to go beyond their own beliefs and opinions and state something based on facts. While expository topics might be straightforward and you know what an essay writer is going to write, you would still have to delve deep into the online scholarly world to take advantage of various information. If it is assigned by the teacher then no problem but if left up to you. Here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing or you can ask others to write essay for me .


  • Explain the details about someone you think should be a leader.
  • Why certain smartphones may have an edge over others?
  • The reason behind Marvel Cinematic Universe’s success.
  • Why have dropout rates become common?
  • The effect of the attitude of the parents on a child
  • Evaluate the reasons for doing drugs
  • What are the consequences attached to increasing break times in schools?
  • Explain how to take control of a difficult situation?
  • How a single-parent home is different from the norm.
  • Evaluate the advantages of the various healthcare systems around the world
  • Why has the current world moved towards materialism?
  • Has obesity reached the status of a disease?
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  • What makes a particular career exciting? (Add any career you want to relate to)
  • The effects of mandatory school uniforms.
  • How capital punishment may produce the desired deterrence effect?
  • The root cause of racism and how it could be diminished
  • How to minimize the green-house effect?
  • The role that social media has played in increasing distances.
  • The effect that the pandemic would have on the future of nations

The above ideas can be utilized for the next expository assignments. As you can see, many of the expository essay examples above can be used based upon your own ideas and beliefs. Though it may be enough and you may have enough experience that you could produce a substantial argument regarding a topic, still the essays would demand facts and figures. Initiating an idea is one thing and building on it might be a totally different one. So here are some general tips to top the next writing assignment.

  • Before writing, do your research and find relevant material. Look for reliable sources and find facts that would ultimately lead to an incredible paper. Preplanning is essential in such writings that require research and fact hunting.
  • Be clear regarding what you are writing. You must have a stance and your supporting examples and facts should be completely relevant to it. Going elsewhere would increase the element of distraction.
  • Have a strong thesis statement that shows your stance and claim how you might be going about showing its worth. Afterward, your entire essay would build on it.
  • Use a single topic sentence for each paragraph and include details relevant to it. Transitioning should be smooth and the last line should incorporate what is about to come next.
  • Remember, you must include all the facts and figures as well as examples that support the particular notion. Also, include the details regarding the opposite beliefs and how they might be inferior to your own. That way, the audience would get a fair view of the situation and might not question the integrity. It would also help them make their own judgments as well. Leaving the readers something to ponder about is the best strategy as it would keep your document under consideration.
  • Finally, as you are building on the details and research by others, do not forget to give them credit by citing. In-text and bibliography would serve the purpose efficiently.

Next time an expository essay is at hand, it would not seem too daunting I am sure. In case you need help, hire a paper writing service now.

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