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Writing an expository essay in middle school seems to be the most difficult task on this planet. I know how much middle school hates writing an essay assignment. Finding an appropriate prompt for your essay is an even tougher task than writing an actual essay. If you are looking around for ideas or prompts to write your essay then you have come to the right place. It is okay if an essay writer gets confused while selecting a prompt for his essay it is a crucial task to do. I mean if you don’t think before you opt-out for a prompt for your essay you can get in trouble when you have to write an entire essay based on it.

Some of the prompts seem easy at first but when you take a deeper look you find out that they are actually complicated and tricky ones. So you have to make sure that you do not pick the complicated prompts for your essay so that you end up blank when you would have to write an essay. I will share a few Expository Essay Examples with you to help you pick up the best and easiest prompt for your essay. You have to relax, take a deep breath and start analyzing each prompt. Always go to the prompt that ignites your interest so go ahead and choose one out of the list mentioned below or you can ask others to write my essay.

Popular Prompt Examples of Expository Essays

  1. Explain the attributes of a leader?
  2. Write about the personality of someone you admire
  3. If you had a pet what would it be?
  4. How moving from place to place affects adolescents
  5. The reasons why teenagers commit suicide
  6. Explain the effect of music on one’s life
  7. Explain how various different genres of music affect society
  8. What possibly could be the consequences of selling drugs?
  9. How social media destroys one’s mental health
  10. How divorces can affect children
  11. Explain why same-sex marriages should be legal
  12. Explain the importance of marriage in the society
  13. Explain your interest in your professional career
  14. Explain why is it important to be a good leader?
  15. Explain how to manage time to get your tasks done on time?
  16. Explain why is it important to be sexually active with your partner?
  17. Explain why most of the adolescents in America are getting depressed?
  18. Explain the importance of good parenting
  19. Why is it important to be socially active in school for children?
  20. Explain why some people commit crimes?
  21. Explain why you should be successful in life?
  22. Explain how can become confident
  23. Describe your favorite movie
  24. Explain why do people discriminate against people based on their skin color

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