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If the focus is on describing individual experiences and beliefs, qualitative research helps you conduct just the right type of study. While if you need to hold a study regarding the characteristics of a population, quantitative research will provide you essay help through it. Qualitative research is the type of social sciences research that concerns itself with non-numerical data and builds results based on this data from social life through the study of targeted people or places. Quantitative research is a systematic investigation based on numerical data that is inferred by applying mathematical and statistical techniques.

Types of Qualitative Research

  1. 1. One on One interview

    This method is purely a conversational method and is very useful in order to gain in-depth insight into the respondent’s feelings and experiences. This method can be very fruitful for a well-experienced researcher as he can deduce meaningful data through these interviews. The time duration can be from an hour to two or more, they can be held over the phone or in person. The interviews conducted in person are considered more effective as the respondent’s expressions and body language can also be taken into account. If you are worried about conducting an interview, consult a write my paper service now.

  2. 2. Ethnographic Research

    The truest form of qualitative research is the ethnographic type. It involves direct observation. The researcher has to become a part of the culture, and environment of his sample. It requires the researcher to stay with the audiences and observe their lives in order to evaluate the respective variable. It is the most reliable form of research as it is conducted first hand by the researcher. It can take up to months or even years for such research to complete as it is a very in-depth study.

  3. 3. Case Study Method

    Comprehensively studying an individual or an entity is what the case study method is. Researchers use different kinds of methods to obtain information from the respondent, which can be based on interviews or questionnaires. In the case study, the focus is on the respondent’s retrospect and the present life.

  4. 4. Record keeping

    This method utilizes the already existing reliable documents to conduct new research. In this method, researchers can go over already existing data and collect the relevant information required to conduct new research. In case you need help with keeping your records, you can always ask others to write essay for me.

Types of Quantitative Research

  1. 1. Survey Research

    Surveys are used to ask a set of questions from the sample of respondents by using various methods such as online polls, online surveys, and on paper questionnaires. By conducting survey research, several questions can be asked to analyze the thoughts of the people and the responses can be used to produce numerical and statistical inferences. The respondents selected as a sample must be randomly selected in order to maintain the accuracy of the obtained results. Surveys used to be conducted either in person or through phone calls but lately, due to advancements in technology, they can be carried out online.

  2. 2. Correlational Research

    To study the relationship between two closely-knit entities and how one impacts the other is correlational research. Mathematical analysis methods are used to study how one variable affects the other and gradually brings change. A minimum of two groups is required to conduct this study. The effect of one variable on the other is studied by how their relationship gets affected eventually. Researchers tend to manipulate one variable to get the desired results.

  3. 3.Experimental Research

    Natural sciences usually require this form of research. It revolves around a theory that is not proved yet. In this method, an analysis takes place to approve or reject a theory.

    If we were to look at these two types of research, in contrast, qualitative vs quantitative research brings to the table comparison of a research-based on descriptive data obtained by semi-structured methods and numerical data based on highly structured methods.

The Getaway Method

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