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A qualitative research method includes the collection of data on qualitative aspects. A key difference between the quantitative and qualitative research is that primary data is collected in the qualitative methods whereas secondary data is collected in the quantitative method.

In the following lines, we will look at the various types of qualitative research methods. You will notice how the data in each type is generally collected with the essay help of interviews and observations.


This is the most common method used in qualitative research. A researcher lives with the target population to know its various aspects. The goals of research may be such that the researcher may have to live with the target population to achieve them. There may be some challenges in the research that can only be catered by living with the target population. The term participant observer is used to show this kind of research.

Marketers use a technique by following the customers to their homes. The usage of the product was observed by marketers to assess the utility of their products. The unmet needs were identified by looking directly at the customers. There are no specific hypotheses to be tested but the usage of the product is observed directly.

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This approach allows the researcher to gather information from one or two individuals to weave a story. There are in-depth interviews conducted for a long time. The final narrative can present other researchers with many opportunities for future and present research. There may be some conflicting themes in the narrative but these will be highlighted as challenges.

This method can be best used while building a persona. A student applying for different colleges or a working mother may be described by writing a narrative. Another useful narrative may be developed to describe a person who is living in a different culture.


This method is used to describe an event or activity. There are combinations of methods used in this form of a qualitative study. The method allows the researcher to know the meaning of the event to different individuals. You have to conduct several interviews to make sure that some common themes are developed. An acceptable size of the dataset should be developed to come up with constructed themes.

This type of study may be used to assess the comprehension of the student based on online classes. There will be interviews of both students and teachers to get their opinion about the advancement.

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Grounded Theory

This method explains the theory behind the events which are covered in a phenomenological study. The interviews and available documents are used to develop the theory to explain the events. Many coding techniques are used by researchers to recognize the themes and build the required theory. The sample sizes are kept larger to develop adequate theories. This method can be used to know how a product is used by a set of customers. Moreover, the theory may explain the ways used by small retailers to accept or reject credit customers.

Case Study

This method was made famous by the Harvard Business School. The researchers relate the case study to the explanation of an event, company, or organization. It uses several data sources to be developed. The major types of case studies can be explanatory, exploratory, or description of an event.

A case study can be used to determine the effectiveness of social media marketing for small firms. If this case study shows that the marketing methods have proved to be effective, larger firms can also adopt them. Similarly, effective HR practices of firms can be shown in the form of a case study so that other firms can also benefit from them.

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