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There are different kinds of essays and academic papers while each having a unique method of formatting. There are different techniques to follow for writing a proper research paper but the basic structure of every essay remains the same: introduction, body, and conclusion. Every essay also has citations; the types of citations can vary depending upon the discipline.

In simple words, you can say that your essay is not complete without citations. There are twenty plus citation methods and each has a different sequence to follow, IEEE citation is one of them. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers or IEEE is mainly followed by engineering students. The subjects following this citation are computer science, telecommunication, and informational technology.

The citation adds credibility and authenticity to your work and specifies the sources from where you have collected the data. Other disciplines or schools of thought have derived their method of citations for example AMA is mainly used by medical students, APA is used by psychology students, and so on. The method or criteria may differ depending upon the subject too for example if you are doing a history paper then the most appropriate option is to follow MLA or Turabian citation.

Each citation indeed has a unique method but once you learn the basics of one then it would be easy for you to learn others. In this article, I will highlight some tips about the IEEE format and how you can apply it while writing your lab report or you can ask others to write essay for me.

Main parts of IEEE citation

Before you start following this citation remember that there are three main parts in references for example:

  • First Part: It consists of the author's first name followed by the second name.
  • Second Part: It includes information about the article in quotation marks.
  • Third Part: You would include the name of the book or journal.

The sequence is important to follow as it would enable the reader to go through the details within no time. Remember that you have to mention every tiny detail in your citations like page numbers, dates, and punctuation among others.

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In-text citation or citation within the text

The style of citation would be different within the paragraph and in references. For citation, you would use numeric numbers in sequences within the text but write that number in square brackets like [34]. The format for printed and online publications is the same for the in-text citation.

Examples for references

  • Journal article: Write the author's first name followed by a comma and then second same, Title of the journal article in inverted commas, Journal name in italics, volume number, issue number, page number, and publication year.
    • For example:

      Ju, Wang, “Optics if ultrasonic waves,” Journal of Applied Physics, volume 43, no. 5, February, page 333-367, 2012.

  • Printed documents: In case of the book write the author's first name first followed by a comma and second name, write the book name in italics, city of publication: publisher, and year of publication.
    • For example:

      A. James Linear Networks and Systems. California: Wadsworth Press, 2012.

  • One chapter: If you are quoting a particular chapter of the book the sequence would remain the same just add the title of a chapter before writing the book’s name.
  • Online sources: If you are using online sources then write the essay writer name first, "title of the article in inverted commas," website address from where you took the article, published date, website link, followed by an accessed date.
    • For example:

      G. Williams, “Climbing and limb torsion,”, January 23, 2015. [Online]. Available: Paste website link here. [Accessed Dec. 12, 2016].

  • You will mention each type of reference at the end of the document with the heading 'reference list.' You are not bound to follow the alphabetical sequence like other citations. Make sure your references flush is on the left side of the paper with double space with indent text entries.

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