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Writing a research paper can be a difficult task especially if an essay writer does not know all the rules and regulations. Students in colleges and universities often find it challenging and to some extent they are right. It requires a proper structure, steps, and format to follow otherwise you might end up writing a paper with an incorrect format. It is only because of these specific criteria and mechanisms that students often do not get good grades.

Getting good grades is not that tough, you just need to sit down and think a bit systematically. Good ideas may not come the first time around and you may have to amend them many times. First, remember that there are certain parts in a research paper and all should be followed. Missing one part would mean losing grades.

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In this article, I’ll share a few expert tips regarding one important part of your research paper, the 'problem statement', so that you can obtain a basic idea of it before approaching the professional writer for further assistance. Or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

Problem Statement

Before you start writing your statement you should be able to know its definition or purpose so that you can incorporate it in your paper. It should describe the gap of previously done studies that previous authors missed and what new ideas will you introduce. It should be solely focused on quantifying the gap with possible solutions.

Your statement should be completely objective based on facts and figures if it is necessary only to include subjective opinions. The recommended structure of your statement should answer the questions like why, where, when, what, and who.

How to write a problem statement

  • Describe the situation: Start with context on which you will build your statement but it should be easier to understand. For example, if you want to propose an efficient production facility, you would say that an automatic plant should be installed.
  • Why it matters: Your statement should be relevant and must answer the question like why it is important to solve. For example, you can say that department Romeo needs immediate action because it is affecting department Juliet.
  • Financial cost: Describe how important the problem is and what is its cost for not fixing. Talk about in terms of money and value so that your statement has weightage. For example, if a problem is costing too much for a company then write it down.
  • Give evidence: Do not just mention the cost rather mention some concrete evidence that how it is affecting the company's finances. You should also add some resources that would add credibility.
  • Possible solution: Make sure that the problem statement is not all about problems rather you have to propose possible solutions too. State your well-thought plans and how you would implement them.
  • Benefits: Your proposed solution must have some benefits so that you can mention them. It would help you to catch the reader's’ attention and he would know how much your statement is important. But do not forget to mention the financial benefit of your solution.
  • Summarize: Conclude your statement by summarizing your problem with a solution and mention why it needs to be fixed. Convince your reader that your solution is effective to follow or implement

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