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Many people who are about to attempt research are usually unaware of which methods suit them best. Some people think that any type of research methods can be used interchangeably; actually, they are wrong!

Remember, each research method has its own pros and cons which make them unique in their own design. Here you will be guided with the concept of qualitative research and its pros and cons. So to make sure that an essay writer has gained a detailed idea of that particular research design. Once it is understood, you will surely be able to know when to use this and how you can put things together.

What is Qualitative design about?

  • It is basically a type of research that is usually used in the disciplines of social sciences. It includes non-numerical data that helps to determine the further analysis.
  • Qualitative analysis is characterized as a form of data analysis concentrating on collecting data through open-ended and conversational communication. You can gather data through interviews as well.
  • This is sometimes interpreted by individuals as opposed to quantitative analysis, which utilizes statistical proof to define large-scale events, and engages mathematical operations to establish the causal and comparative association between the variables.

Methods applicable

Data in this particular research is collected through these methods/techniques.

  • Interview
    • In-person observation
    • One participant in one-time
    • Conversational method
  • Focus group
    • A limited number of participants (6-10) within the target sample
  • Ethnographic method
    • In-depth analysis that is focused on one particular group
    • Timespan can be extended from days to years
  • Case studies
    • Used to explain documentaries about a person or an event occurring from several years
  • Record-keeping
    • Data collected from different sources like a library, articles/journals, etc.
  • Observational process
    • Using your five senses; for example how a particular person interacts with a stranger.

Pros of the research

  • It helps to create a deep understanding of the daily attitudes, behaviors, conversations, community, and political practices. While doing so, it allows sociologists to recognize how daily growth is influenced by things such as social structure, social order, and then all sorts of societal structures across social order.
  • It implies to have easy and flexible research. It is adaptable to the on-going social challenges or behaviors.
  • Sometimes it can be conducted at a minimal cost.
  • This type of research tends to overcome problems by trying to break down into simple observations that are clearly accessible and recognized by everyone.
  • People will develop their confidence in the researchers because of its more communicative approach and also the knowledge. Therefore, the gathered data must be pure and unfiltered.

Cons of the research

  • Amongst the limitations of research, its range is relatively narrow even as its outcomes are not necessarily generalizable.
  • Researchers will need to take care of these approaches to guarantee that they really do not change the results such that they alter the results considerably. Therefore, they also do not involve unnecessary personal prejudice in their analysis of the collected data.
  • The qualitative design doesn’t involve numerical data, so it becomes a little challenging when the researcher is analyzing a broader collection of data.
  • Since the sample size is too small and thus is unable to depict a reliable reflection of the overall population. There are multiple follow-ups that are needed to be done to verify the accuracy throughout the process.

So, the positives and negatives of qualitative studies explore how different we as a community are in order to provide a deeper picture of why we should be who we are. This method provides for a closer insight at the problem of preference to assess why different points of suffering occur within other populations.

So if observers see regularly researching various occurring trends, they can seek to identify policies that support solutions. That will contribute to improved potential systems, and open more possibilities for all of us.

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