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Conducting qualitative research is a mandatory part of your research work. You have to conduct detailed research based on the concerned problem related to your area of field. Qualitative research is used to attain an underlying understanding of logic, reasons, and motivations. It also provides insight into the identified issue and it helps to develop an idea about hypotheses of the problem.

The data collection process is the most important step during qualitative research. The research is conducted based on the data that is collected from multiple sources. There are many types of qualitative research methods that are used to collect distinctive and authentic data to find an appropriate solution to the concerned problem. I will share different qualitative research data collection methods that will be helpful for an essay writer to conduct research on any topic.

Data Collection Methods

  1. 1. Interviews

    You can take interviews to explore views, opinions, experiences, and beliefs of people on particular issues. The views of people prove to be helpful for your research. This method is an informal way of collecting data for your research. You may ask various questions from the people to gather various data to get better and accurate results.

  2. 2. Focus Group Discussion

    Focus group discussion is another method of collecting data for your research. This method is a very useful method for data gathering. It determines how social knowledge is produced in various discussion groups. The focus group usually consists of six to twelve people. You get to know about the different people who have knowledge about various topics. It helps gather the data and develop an opinion based on the focus group discussion.

  3. 3. Observational methods

    You can use observational methods to determine the phenomena by conducting a study of people’s accounts and actions from different perspectives. Ethnography is a type of observational method which includes the participation of researchers in the daily lives of people. This methodology includes asking questions through formal and informal interviews and collecting artifacts. It becomes a little difficult to collect the data and filter it according to the requirement of the research.

  4. 4. Document Analysis

    Another method for gathering data for qualitative research is to analyze documentation. You can conduct a detailed analysis of the documents to collect the data for carrying out the research. You should avoid irrelevant and unnecessary information and extract useful information from the document.

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