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Great writing skills and a good educational background can significantly assist students and an essay writer to end up with a good thesis. If you are one of those students who are struggling with an impending deadline then you are encouraged to read media journals and newspapers.

When students are assigned a research task the biggest concern they have to face is about the choice of the topic. This happens due to many reasons. A primary reason behind this is that students find a lot of topics irrelevant and not according to the current scenario. This is a misconception because any topic can be dealt with properly if thorough research is conducted and an efficient outline is executed with the appropriate methodology.

Students can identify a literary gap as there are many themes and topics available but an engaging topic can only be found if a student tries to find one. This blog has come up with a unique list of thesis topics for students after doing a lot of comprehensive searches. When students are overwhelmed with deadlines and cannot wrap their heads around substantial or quality topics it can prove to be very hectic and frustrating. In case you need help, hire a paper writing service now.

The following list of thesis topics can interest students. However, students must modify the topic because many of them have read extensive literature and may want to add to the literature by working on their own research gap or you can ask others to write my essay.

  1. Role of robots and artificial intelligence in the foreseeable future
  2. Navigation and working as a taxi driver changes the brain of a person
  3. Determinants of flossing behavior in college students
  4. Role of homework and academic assignments in the lives of immigrants
  5. Influence of social media platforms on the emotional maturity of students
  6. Impact of coaching on the self-esteem of students
  7. Creativity is a fantasy
  8. Management of the millennial generation
  9. Current trends in the consumption behavior
  10. Impact of organizational performance on employees: An empirical study
  11. Critical analysis of homicide laws and their reforms
  12. Mass incarceration increases the rate of crime
  13. Analysis of software solutions for efficient energy distribution
  14. Software development and risk management: A direct relationship
  15. Analysis of fault recovery in 3G and 4G networks
  16. Connection of anxiety and depression to social cognition
  17. An in-depth look into the social disorganization theory: Analysis from African-American communities
  18. A multi-dimensional nature of schizophrenia: Case Analysis
  19. Types of ‘holy wars and the role of media as their precursor
  20. Contributions of impulse and rational thinking to decision making
  21. Relationship between politics and literature in the contemporary era
  22. Ethics in journalism: Evidence from the 21st
  23. Artificial intelligence should be made available for academic
  24. Impact of media on free speech and the freedom of action
  25. Importance of digital marketing in the domains of electronic business and commerce
  26. The intensity of gender inequality in the United States of America
  27. Significance of the gap between purchase intention and purchase behavior
  28. Controversies in politics: What should be the extent?
  29. The regulatory body for the social media platforms: Merits and
  30. Governmental agencies are exempt from the rule of law: Evidence from the sitting government
  31. ‘Religion and politics: What are the boundaries of meddling into each other’s affairs?
  32. What is the bystander effect? How does it impact the diffusion of responsibility?
  33. Role of news channels in the rigging of election campaigns
  34. Is the media playing an effective role in the prevention of crime?
  35. Social media content is produced and distributed by everyone and apparently has more disadvantages than advantage: Evidence from specific regions
  36. How can a country include diplomacy in its foreign policies?
  37. What is the relation between obesity and workplace productivity?

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