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Learning a new formatting style can be overwhelming for many students. It is difficult to keep track of the differences between the specific guidelines of different formatting styles. If you have never used the Chicago style before, then learning how to correctly format your paper according to it can be a daunting task. However, you can easily learn to format your research paper according to the Chicago style by simply setting the word document according to the Chicago format.

It gets really tricky when students do not use correct settings from the beginning and then realize at the end that their instructors expect to receive research papers that are properly formatted according to the Chicago style guidelines. To avoid grade deduction they have to update their whole research paper according to the guidelines of the Chicago style.

Going back and reformatting your whole research paper is quite a headache. However, it is not impossible and for decreasing the difficulty level you should look at the instructions in this article or you can ask others to write my essay.

Reformatting the Over page layout

  • To begin with, you should first ensure that all the text of your research paper is in Times New Roman with 12pt font size. To do this in seconds, you can select the whole text of the document by simply pressing Ctrl + A, and then selecting the Times New Roman and font size 12pt.
  • Chicago format research papers have a one-inch margin around the four sides of the page. Luckily, the word document has the same default margin. Therefore, most likely you would not have to change the margin at all. However, if you need to you can do that by going into page layout and selecting normal.
  • The whole text of the Chicago format research paper is double spaced. To update this, you can select the whole text and choose double line space.
  • The text of the Chicago format paper is left aligned. One can easily do that by selecting the whole text and choosing the left-aligned option.
  • You should check if there is an around half-inch indent before the first line of every paragraph. If you are still confused, get help from an essay writing service now.

Updating the Cover page

If your cover page is not according to the Chicago format then instead of reformatting it, you should make a new cover page. It would not take much time.

  • You should start off by providing the title of your research paper almost halfway down from the top. The title should be centrally aligned.
  • Below the title of your research paper, you should provide your name. It should also be centered.
  • In the last lines of the page, you should provide the name of your instructor, student Id, course title or Course number, and date.
  • There is no page number on the cover pager, if you have added one, you just remove it.

Note: All the text on the cover page is centered and nothing is in bold except the title and subtitle of the research paper.

Checking the assembling of the paper

Your teachers expect you to provide all the information in your Chicago format research paper in the following order:

  • Cover page
  • Body of the research paper (including the introduction and conclusion)
  • Appendix (only if necessary)
  • Endnotes
  • Bibliography page


The headings increase the readability of your research paper. However, if not used properly they could be counterproductive. To begin with, you should keep in mind that APA style directs you to use Headline capitalization for your headings.

If different levels of headings are used in your research paper, you should make sure that headings of different levels are distinguishable. All headings of one level must be expressed in the same manner throughout the paper.

Pro tip: You can always ask a paper writing service to update your research paper in the required format. They have a professional essay writer working for you. Your paper will be updated in no time.

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