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The academic norms are though different throughout the world, but the academic norms across the world are against plagiarism and piracy of academic content. Students are therefore warned about plagiarism prior to assigning an academic task. If an essay writer is a student and intends to write an article or any essay, make sure that you are not copying the task from an already published academic or literary source. But if you intend to refer to any credible source, cite the reference or academic material that you are taking content from. In academic practices, plagiarism is considered a serious offense and this awareness guide will make you understand the repercussions of plagiarism or you can also ask others to write my essay.

Can make you drop the course

As soon as your instructor or the academic department head will come to know about the plagiarized text, you can be asked to drop the course. In such cases, you will have to re-register in a similar course. A dropout student from any course also loses the chance of getting promoted and hence may result in losing grades.

Will damage your academic credibility

Once a student gets caught in cheating or piracy, it seriously damages his/ her academic credentials. In the academic institution, you are enrolled in, your academic credibility is what you gain scholastically or what grades you achieve in your semester finals. But if you intend otherwise, or plagiarize anything, your academic credibility will seriously get compromised. If you are still confused, get help from an essay writing service now.

Can expel you from an academic institution

No academic institution in any part of the world allows plagiarism (above then a certain and agreed level). But if they find any text that is copied from anywhere and the author has not provided the due credentials of the original author, this can expel students from the academic institution. So, if you want to get rid of this disgrace, be mindful of how to avoid plagiarism. Otherwise, it will risk your academic credibility. Also, you should know that your institution has no option other than to expel you from the academic institution.

The institution may take legal action

Some institutions that are severe in their policies of anti-piracy also take strict legal action. The legal action is always the prerogative of the institution. In any case, the institution reserves the right of taking legal action against the student. If you are a regular student of any academic institution, the institution will make you sign a bond of anti-piracy which you will have to obey throughout your stay in the institution.

The publisher or author of the imitative text may take the legal action

The text used in the plagiarized text is always attributed to a person or a publisher. Those who develop original content or publish material reserve the right of taking legal action against those who copy their material. Though it happens in rare cases, as the academic content is not normally shared with the publishers. But if you try to manipulate the original content or copy that without giving due credit to the original author, the publisher or author of the copied text may take legal action.

Your academic credentials may get confiscated

The institution of which you are a part has all the right to confiscate your academic credentials. Once you graduate, but if you are caught copying or publishing plagiarized text, your academic institution has all the right to confiscate your academic credentials, that can be a great loss.

Reduces the chances of readmission

Finally, if you get caught in any maligned academic activity, your chances of readmission are reduced. You will not be able to get readmission in any other institution. So, if you want to reduce such chances avoid malicious academic activities.

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