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A persuasive speech or essay begins with choosing the right topic for the assignment. A good topic for such a speech or essay should be easy to write on. The interests of an essay writer should help in finding an easy topic for the speech. Another characteristic of a topic should be that there are some unknown facts about it. Some very common topics have been used too many times and they will not interest the audience. In the following lines, we will take a look at some topics for persuasive speech from different fields or you can ask others to write my essay.

  1. Adoption versus buying a pet
  2. Are pit bulls violent?
  3. Should a biting dog be shot dead?
  4. Should wild animals like lions be trained to be tame?
  5. Should we ban farming in factories?
  6. Hatching eggs artificially should be illegal
  7. Do having puppy mills affect us?
  8. Learning manual transmission should be necessary to get a driving license
  9. How many courses should a driver take before getting a license?
  10. How should we show that the baby is on board?
  11. Should we reduce the driving age to 14?
  12. Should we text while driving?
  13. Animals can cause accidents
  14. Chasing a car by police can be dangerous
  15. Comparing a Japanese and German car
  16. Sports cars should not be allowed on roads
  17. Bikers have equal rights to use the road
  18. Mind games involved in advertising
  19. Advertising should not be allowed to target children
  20. Why should you understand niche marketing?
  21. Do introverts become good leaders?
  22. Does own a business demand less social life?
  23. Should we start a business with family members
  24. Business and personal relations should be separated
  25. Organizing is a critical part of success in business
  26. A separate legal entity is beneficial for the owners
  27. Terrorists should also be given a right to trial
  28. Flag burning in protests should be prohibited
  29. Should the day at school begin with a prayer?
  30. Why should alcohol be illegal?

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  1. Penalties should be higher for people in power
  2. Teachers should check their capabilities by passing an annual exam
  3. Ridesharing is the solution to many traffic problems
  4. Junk food consumption should be lowered especially among children
  5. Everybody should play a role in controlling world hunger
  6. Can we buy love and happiness?
  7. Old-age homes should be banned
  8. Recycling should be mandatory in large cities
  9. Imposing more duties on the
  10. You should buy more of the local products
  11. Workers suffer as a result of free-trade agreements
  12. Who is suffering from a trade deficit with China
  13. Should we implement daylight-saving time?
  14. Who is responsible for increasing oil-prices?
  15. Multinational corporations control the economies of many countries
  16. Should companies hire cheaper labor from abroad?
  17. Offering free education to poor people
  18. Skill tests should be mandatory before students can graduate from high schools
  19. Cyberbullying should result in expulsion
  20. Students should complete some hours of social work before they can get their high school degree
  21. Use of cell phones at school by kids
  22. Sports should also bring some students on the honor roll
  23. Arts and music should be an important part of education
  24. How should schools fight drugs?
  25. Laws should be implemented to save endangered species
  26. All kinds of plants should be grown in local gardens
  27. Improve the public transport system to save the environment
  28. Natural resources should be used with care
  29. Different modes of oil production should be considered
  30. We should not use disposable diapers
  31. Should hybrid cars be allowed?
  32. Female workers should be paid higher
  33. Assisted suicide should be legalized
  34. Dangerous criminals should be sentenced to death
  35. Stereotyping should not be undertaken to judge people
  36. No products should be tested on animals or humans
  37. Female genital mutilation should be banned
  38. Using animal-based products should be discouraged
  39. Child athletes suffer from opposition from their families
  40. Are fairy tales good for young children?

The above persuasive speech topics are related to different fields. Students can also use an online paper writing service if their topic is not very common.

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