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Research design describes the overall strategy that you select to integrate study components logically and coherently to effectively address the research problem. Research design comprises a blueprint for data collection and analysis. An appropriate research design mainly involves the consideration of the following factors.

  • The skills and availability of the researcher and his team
  • Means of obtaining data
  • The nature of the study problem
  • The objectivity of the research problem being studied
  • The availability of money and time for the research work
  • Participants for research
  • Variables
  • The period for research

Topic you are researching

Determine what exactly you will be going to study. Use scholarly articles, authoritative web pages, and books as all of these provide you with the most reliable information. Find authentic sources with the help of keywords and academic databases. Remember! A good topic is very important for your thesis as it demonstrates the usefulness of your research. Thus, consult the best essay writing service who will provide you with the perfect topics.

Review the literature

After an essay writer has done with the topic, the next step is to review the literature. Then literature review is very important as it describes how your proposed research is linked with the prior research. This shows the relevance and originality of your research problem and justifies your research design.

Generate Hypothesis

The hypothesis is generated from a research question. Your research question should be specific, focused, within your project constraints. Remember! The hypothesis is very important as a research design is usually determined by your stated hypothesis.

Establish Research Design Priorities

The most important question that needs to be addressed before starting a research study is how to develop a research design. The research design mainly depends on the choices and priorities of researchers as every research has different priorities. To come up with accurate and authentic results, the strategic methodology must be followed by design in line with the chosen research type.

Research Design

Now, it’s time to design an experiment that will show whether your hypothesis is correct or not. This your research method or design. Keep in mind! your research design should include an explanation of why you have selected a specific research design; description and statement of the research design chosen and key variables identification. For experimental, causal-comparative, quasi-experimental research design, your study variables need to be classified as dependent and independent.

Experimental research design when conducted in the field or laboratory, is mainly designed to test the relationship of cause and effect. Use this design when you have control over independent variables and when you want to determine whether variables cause changes to occur. The quasi-experimental design provides you with an opportunity to determine the effect of manipulations and interventions. Correlational research design helps you to determine the extent of correlation between dependent and independent variables. This research design is used when you want to determine the extent to which independent and dependent variables are related to each other.

If you think at this stage that your research design is not appropriate with your research question then don’t stress out. Just ask someone to write my essay for me.

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Check your work

Before you proceed, it is best to have a peer review of your study design. A good essay writer service can also provide you with proofreaders who are experts at research methodology, who can help you out with this part. By this, you can get feedback on your research design as a whole. Now follow the above-mentioned steps and write a perfect research design for your thesis.

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