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Does research paper writing seem daunting to you? If you are one of those who struggle with writing top-notch quality research papers, you are at the right place. This article has everything that will make you a wonderful essay writer.

In research, a student is required to critically review information, assess arguments from all sides, and make a deduction based on the findings of experiments. A research paper usually depends on the level of what your objective is. However, here you guys can find guidelines and outline blueprints for your research paper. These will be enough to help you ace your research paper.

As far as the parts of the research paper are concerned, they are as under:

  1. 1- Title

    Name of the author, title of the research, date and name of institution is mentioned here.

  2. 2- Abstract

    It is a small summary of the whole research paper. It’s usually written at the end but printed before the actual research paper.

  3. 3- Introduction

    This part contains a statement of the problem which needs to be researched. It tells us the importance of this particular research and how it can help in future.

  4. 4- Literature review

    This is the part that establishes the link of your research paper to previous studies. It details all the existing work that has been done in the concerning area and provides

  5. 5- Methodology

    This section gives information about the type of research done, sample size, instruments used, questionnaire, etc.

  6. 6- Discussion/conclusion

    Tells about the results that come out of the research and then derives the conclusion of the research by declaring whether the statement of the problem was correct or not.

  7. 7- Appendices

    This part contains the references to all the supportive material that was used to write the paper. It may contain charts, survey results, citations, bibliography, article references etc.

    The parts mentioned above can also be considered as the most common blueprint of the research paper outline.

However, I recommend you read through a few research papers. Or you can also request an online essay writing service to provide you a research paper example to get a better idea. So, you can have a better picture of how the outline differs, albeit minutely, from one type of research paper to the other.

Now, I’ll move on to the general guidelines for writing a research paper. Pay attention to the following section.

Develop Research ideas: Figure out which part of your subject you like the most and then do a lot of reading about it. There must be a lot of facts which are not known about the field and there would be a lot of questions not answered until now and by entering into the research field. You have a chance to answer them, to do some new inventions. Try to go deep into the topic, ask many questions like “what” “why” and “how”. When you will seriously ask these questions to yourself and to the scientific community, you will come up with a lot of questions, and these questions are going to form the basis of your proposal.

Research Output: The most important part of the research is the “output”, what are you expecting out of this work. How can your research benefit the scientific community, industries, and common people? If you have a clear goal about why you want to do this and what change it can bring, trust me there is a high chance that you will get funds to accomplish your work.

Workout the methodology: A research is meant successful only when it is proved scientifically otherwise your ideas remain ideas. So, now when you have research questions in hand, try to figure out how you can answer them practically, which current methodology can you use to prove your point. For this, you can refer to already published research papers and can also discuss with your supervisor and seniors in the field.

These are general guidelines regarding a research paper but cover most of the things you need to keep in the head before starting your research. Trust me! you are just a step away from becoming a brilliant research writer.

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