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Many university students around the world find history projects way too difficult and challenging. This occurs because an essay writer has to brainstorm different subjects and go through several books. Hence, what makes a history project or assignment interesting is a unique topic.

Remember, selecting an impressive topic for your graduate paper automatically makes your task (project or assignment) impressive. Similarly, such an excellent topic inspires your teacher.

But no need to worry, you can get an interesting topic for your university assignment/project. Find the list of impactful history research paper topics below for your assignment.

  1. A study of power in Empires of history
  2. Symbolism in Ancient Egypt
  3. Role of women in Prehistoric Britain
  4. Role distribution in the Iron Age
  5. An analysis of Eastern Civilization
  6. Prophets and Religion
  7. History of Palestine
  8. Tradition and culture of Sumerian
  9. Role of NATO for the global community
  10. Negative role of globalization
  11. Afghan peace process
  12. Analysis of the patriot act
  13. US and war on terror
  14. Reasons for social inequality
  15. The aspects of the great recession
  16. The Syrian conflict
  17. Socio-cultural variances in the new world
  18. Alabama claims and lies behind it
  19. US history before 1850
  20. Major events in US history
  21. The struggles of the US economy
  22. Reasons for World War 1
  23. Outcomes of World War 2
  24. WWII and industrialization
  25. American civil war and the legacy
  26. British establishment of New York
  27. Battle of Chancellorsville
  28. Homestead act and local communities
  29. Facts about the civil war
  30. The history of the Mexican American war
  31. Crusades and religion
  32. Establishment of the Ottoman Empire
  33. Thirty-year war and its causes
  34. Ancient civilization and the use of weapons
  35. Ancient Rome and bridal ceremonies
  36. Colonization
  37. Medieval Europe and social associations
  38. The cold war and the consequences
  39. The battles of water/seas
  40. Military innovations in WWI and WWII
  41. Nationalistic trends of Europe
  42. England and gender bias
  43. Europe and Empiricism
  44. Western theories propaganda
  45. French revolution

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  1. France, 18th century and women rights
  2. Women role in WWII
  3. Battle of Attu
  4. Kursk battle and the strategies
  5. Pearl harbor legacy
  6. Japanese Americans in World War II
  7. WWII and economic causes and consequences
  8. Role of civilians in battles of strategies or strategic battles
  9. Fourteenth amendment
  10. Angela Davis
  11. The declaration of independence by the United States of America
  12. Slavery and the U.S.
  13. Causes of civil war
  14. Vietnam war and ethics
  15. South religious policies and practices of America
  16. Interwar period
  17. US social moments and industrialization
  18. Camden battle
  19. Battle of Bunker Hill
  20. Battle of Saratoga
  21. An analysis of Townshend acts
  22. Dictatorship and the reasons behind
  23. Causes of economic depression
  24. Causes of Nuclear age
  25. Russian revolution
  26. American society and organized crime (the 1920s)
  27. Veterans day and history
  28. The effect of the Chicano movement
  29. The uprising of democratic movements
  30. The war of 1812
  31. The Weimar republic
  32. US art of the twentieth century
  33. The history and evolution of math
  34. The Korean war
  35. War on Iraq
  36. The story of Charlie Chaplin
  37. Healthcare reform
  38. Jewish history
  39. Protestantism
  40. Naval battles

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