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Want to be the center of attention by turning up a well-researched research paper? If your answer is yes, then you are not alone since who doesn’t want to be in a spotlight and listen to all the praise you get for your exceptional writing skills.

However, the problem arises when you are not familiar with the requirements of writing an exceptional research paper that is as per your professor’s instruction. I know nothing is worse than getting lower grades on your graduate paper since it is the essence of what you have learned in the class. If you got the task of writing a research paper and are not sure which topic you want to pick, then don’t lose hope yet. I have got you covered. Before we look into the topics that I have shortlisted for you, let me give you a few tips that will surely facilitate an essay writer in selecting a top-notch topic for your research paper.

How to find a good topic?

Finding a topic is the first step to write a research paper that is worth reading. Follow the steps below so that you’ll never be lost in your search for finding a good topic.

  • Brainstorm: Don’t be too overwhelmed when you are assigned a task to write a research paper. Keep calm and read the instructions carefully. Understand what your professor is looking for in a research paper. A rubric might help you better understand the requirements.
  • Background research: This step will help you in identifying the history of a research problem. You might be wondering why am I emphasizing reading the current literature. Well, the reason is that while you are reading old literature you never know when you find something that needs further research.
  • Search via keywords: This is the simplest way to find a research paper. If you are unable to find an interesting topic and nothing is catching your attention, then searching via keywords can be helpful. All you need to do is search for terms that are related to your subject and voila! Let the internet search engine do your work.
  • Select your audience: You need to comply with the demands of your audience since they will be the ones reading your paper. If you are a student, then your audience is academic. So make sure that your topic is up-to-date while keeping all the ethical considerations in mind.

I hope now you have enough on how to select a topic so let’s jump into the list of topics so that you can select the one that interests you the most and start working on it.

  • Unborn victims of violence
  • Correlation between abortion and religion
  • Cross-cultural adoption
  • Is photography an art?
  • Censorship in art
  • The art in ancient Roman
  • Corporate abuse: causes and consequences
  • Causes of homelessness
  • Feminism and women’s objectification in old literature
  • Impact of mass media on the decision-making ability of people
  • Causes of workplace burnouts.
  • Police brutality and its impact on teens
  • Junk foods consumption and obesity
  • The risks associated with cosmetic surgery
  • Evolution of hip-hop music
  • Culture and nationalism
  • Analyzing gender roles in different cultures.
  • Big-data analysis
  • Cybersecurity in smart grid
  • Block-chain and its impact on business
  • Malware attacks: causes and consequences
  • Drug addiction: a disease or a choice
  • Consequences of substance abuse
  • Domestic violence and its impact on teens brain functioning
  • Standardized testing: right or wrong?
  • Social networking and schools
  • Technology is causing a distraction
  • What are the real causes of the digital divide?
  • Endangered species
  • Are physician-assisted suicides morally justified?
  • Organ donation and its association with human trafficking
  • Climate sustainability and adaptation

That list was way too long. If you are still unsure about the topic, then I suggest that you hire a professional writer via any online essay writing service. Professional academic writers who can not only write a research paper for you but can help you shortlist top-notch topics for you as well.

Getting professional help could be the difference-maker between an average research paper and an A-grade one.

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