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Ohhh! Looks like someone has been given an essay to write. Well, well, well, how are we going to tackle this?

Easily enough! Yes, easily enough.

All you truly need is a jump start on your essay. So that you won’t have to plead with others and say “Oh please, write my essay for me”. Nope. That doesn’t sound good, does it? This is exactly why you need to get your work done yourself.

I can help with that actually. How? With a few argumentative essay topics that are not only popular but also fun to write. Depending on your mood, that is.

So, here are your topics.

Topic #1: Free Education

You are in college, right? So talk about a college education, simple.

The biggest problem with the system is that people can’t even afford a college education. They take loans and spend the rest of their life paying them back with interest.

So, why can’t education be free? After all, it will benefit the masses and even the economy.

Topic #2: Obesity in the U.S.

The U.S. is THE country when it comes to obesity. When you think of obesity, you think of U.S. citizens. No kidding.

So, how is this a problem? How does it affect the day-to-day life of the people?

What effect does it have on the economy, particularly the healthcare sector? These things can be discussed in an argumentative essay.

Topic #3: Standardized Testing

Again, when in college talk about college or education.

We have all gone through the procedure of standardized testing but a lot of people argue that the system is unfair and does not even benefit the students or the teachers.

Well, the best way to get to the bottom of this issue is to do some digging on it.

Topic #4: Make Tobacco Illegal

Well, none of us can say that tobacco isn’t harmful. Even if we can’t let go of the substance.

So, are the harmful effects of the drug enough to get it banned permanently? Or, can it be used in a useful manner to help the people?

Or both, maybe?

An essay writer is going to look for the answers to these questions yourself.

Topic #5: Controlled Alcohol Usage

Just like tobacco, alcohol has also caused us a lot of trouble. But we are not ready to accept it because we like tequila so much.

But then again we also have addicts who can’t live without the substance.

We have people dying from liver diseases. All of this makes us question if we should just ban alcohol too. Or at least control it better.

Topic #6: Globalization

Is it good or is it bad? That is the question.

I mean there is no doubt that globalization has had its benefits. So, you can talk about those.

Or, you can argue that despite all the benefits, globalization has caused us loads of problems as well.

Just pick a side and stick to it until the end. You can also take help from the paper writing service.

Topic #7: Destruction of Rainforests

2020 saw the burning of the rainforests and everyone was outraged.

But the thing is, nothing really comes out of that outrage, does it? Like what changed? Climate change is still a problem and we need those trees.

So, is it time to criminalize the destruction of rainforests? To finally take action as Greta Thunberg has been asking us to do?

So, these are your topics.

They are common enough that you will know the basics of them.

If not then I have explained them. Now, if you have any problem then I suggest an essay writing service. Why? Because those writers can solve all your problems. Like all of them.

So, why not get in touch with them and order an essay? They are cheap after all.

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